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Arcteryx - Alpha SV vs. Theta AR?

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I'm looking at these two jackets for a skiing hardshell / overall lousy weather jacket.

They appear pretty similar from all the descriptions that I've read on various websites. It seems that the main difference is that the Theta AR is a bit longer - described as past hip length while the Alpha is described as hip length. Can anybody shed a bit more light on the length differences. I'm overseas at the moment and can't try them on...as I'm on the shorter side (5-7) of things, I don't like really long jackets, and the Theta strikes me as being such. On the other hand, for skiing and layering I need something that is longer than waist-length. I have a Beta SL, and I like it but it's too short for skiing and layering.

Can anyone offer length differences they experienced between the Arcteryx "waist-length" jackets like the Beta SL, the "hip-length" jackets like the Alpha, and the "below hip" jackets like the Theta?

Otherwise what are the main differences? Visually, all I can see is slightly different pocket placement. And the Theta has the cooler looking zipper

All experiences and opinions appreciated! For $450-$500, not an easy decision...Thanks!
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I have the Theta and it doesn't go below my hip. i would describe it as hip-length and it is definitely not long.

If you haven't already, check out the Arcteryx site; they have the all the specs on the different jackets.

I can definitely recommend the Theta for skiing and anything else you do when the elements are involved. Very high quality piece of gear.
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I also have the theta AR and It is only longer in the back. it doesn't go below your hips in the front so you can fit in a harness properly without bunching up. It is longer in the back to protect your rear from frozen chair lifts, sitting on the snow, and it also prevents it from riding up and preventing snow down your back.....

I can wear it around daily since I just tighten the elastic cords at the bottom and it bunches up like a tucked in dress shirt taking away the extra length from the back and it loooks fashionable as well and you can take it to McKinley with you
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I have the Beta AR and it is longer in the back than the front. I like the design of the hood on the Beta and Theta better than the Alpha because of where it attaches to the jacket. The hood on the Beta/Theta attaches below the top of the collar vs. integrated with the collar. I think it keeps the hood out of the way when not in use especially with a helmet on.
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