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ZipFit questions

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I got some new Zipfits for my Atomic M110's. The fitter and I followed the directions completely. Questions:

1. Where exactly IS the custom fit stuff? Is it only where the leather ankle and heel part is, or is it everywhere including in the forefoot where it only looks like blue neoprene?
2. I use the hockey puck boot dryer thing- called the ThermoAir, which puts 95-100* heat into the boot for a few hours (+/- body temp??). Will this screw up the fit since it's heated a little?
3. Does the stuff inside actually EXPAND, or does it just flow when heated and skied in? I know they continue to conform with ski days, but I wonder if additional heat sessions would make them expand more for specific areas needing some volume taken up.

Thanks, ZipFit experts!

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You might find your answers here: http://zipfit.com/

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There's lots of discussion here about the ZipFits - check out the search engine.

In the mean time, here are some quickie answers to your q's:

1. The flow material is around the ankle pocket and in the tongue.
2. Do not use the "glorified" hair dryers on the ZipFits (there's a special process to introduce a ZipFit liner to a new shell - search on the forum).
3. The flow material does not expand - it only flows easier upon heating.

If you need additional volume taken up you might need a different model from the ZipFit line or you could consider having more flow material injected into the liner bladders.
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I got some Zip Fits last spring at Footloose in Mammoth. I thought I had made a huge mistake because my feet hurt so bad. I couldn't begin to close the buckle over my instep and could barely close the other buckles on the easiest posistion. I contacted Zip Fit. The most important thing you need to do is to heat the shell and the liner befor putting them on your feet for the first or even second initial time. I put my boots in an oven at 215 degrees for 13minutes and the liners in the microwave( at 1000 watts) for 1minute. I wore them until the shells cooled down to room temperature, about 20 to 30 minutes. The difference in comfort was mind boggling. I was afraid I was going to have to get new boots before doing that. By the end of my 2nd day of skiing the liners fit really well with no pressure spots and a nice tight heel pocket. Heating the shell is crucial to getting a good fit.
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agree with your idea of heating shells, but certainly they don't have to be warmed to such a degree to make the Zipfits work. However, under no circumstances should the liners be placed in a microwave. That is old advice and no longer accepted by Sven. Personally I have had two catch fire after only 25 secs in 750 w oven.

Don't know the reason. Sven thinks it may be do to low quality of new very low cost ovens that gives hot and cold (guess we could say hi and low microwave content) spots and may guess isolated overheating.

Either way heating the shell only is certainly sufficient

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Putting it in microwave speeds up the process - that is what I was told in the store I got my ZipFits from. I did it few times at home (always felt kind of uneasy doing that). I DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE – last time it almost burned upper part of the tongue of my wife’s liner – maybe it was touching microwave wall … I do not know.
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Microwave does speed up process. But may also as you found speed up process enough to require fire extinguisher and purchase of new liners.

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I picked up a pair of Zip Fits last week from Superior Ski Shop At Snowbird.
The Best Investment I have made in years.

I was planning on New Boots and Liners for my weird feet (7 EEEE). The shop told to forget new shells and go with the Zip Fit in my old ones. It took about an hour and a half. But they blew out my old shell for width and heated the shell in a small oven till the plastic was soft enough that the cuff bent back and stayed open by itself and used a heat stack blower about 120 degrees to soften the liner.
After putting the liner in the shell the bottom buckle wouldn't close ( that got me nervous). But I tried them the nest day and by the third run I buckeled the boot lightly and have not had to crank it down more that the first buckle position.
I skied them for 5 straight days ( we skied nonstop from 9:30 to 4 with half hour for lunch) and the liners felt better and better every day. Both the comfort and performance is amazing. The only problem I had was with my right heel and that was corrected by massaging the liner material with my finger to flatten a little bumpy area inside the boot.
I did invest in the HOT GEAR boot bag that has heater coils built in and keeps both the liner and shell nice and warm. It make it much easier to put the boot on in the AM and dries it overnight. The strangest thing of all is each day the boot starts out feeling a little different but by the second run it fits like a glove.

P.S. The guys at superior were great and work hard to make you happy.
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Originally Posted by skimrg View Post
Putting it in microwave speeds up the process - that is what I was told in the store I got my ZipFits from. I did it few times at home (always felt kind of uneasy doing that). I DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE – last time it almost burned upper part of the tongue of my wife’s liner – maybe it was touching microwave wall … I do not know.
I have posted about this issue last season. I believe the problem with heating in the microwave is due to the metal "buckles" on the velcro power straps. If you remove the power straps before microwaving I believe you will greatly reduce the chances of burning the liners. However, Sven (and Lou) recommend abandoning this method - so don't blame me if you fry your liners!
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Still wondering about *these*

I use this for regular drying after each day skiing- working in them makes for sweaty liners.


They get to about 95* on the low setting, and just move warm air. Do you think this will affect the liners negatively?

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No problem using the dryguy dryer/warmers in zipfits.
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I have a pair of boots from the 2004 season that packed out severely after 25 days and I modded them with more external adhesive pads and got another 25 or 30 days out of them and then went to thicker socks. By the end of last season my feet would move around a bit even with thicker socks. So after exchanging several emails with Corty Lawrence to talk about models and fit I ordered some ZipFit liners from Footloose Sports about a week ago and they arrived yesterday. Heres how I fit them last night. I didnt bother heating the liners. Instead I put the shells in my oven on a rack that was centered top to bottom. Temperature was about 215 degrees give or take 5 degrees since I dont have an accurate thermometer in my oven.

I baked the shells for 9 minutes then put the ZipFits (with my orthotics installed of course) into the very warm but not gooey shells. Only burned my hand in one tiny spot from touching a metal buckle piece. The liners were hard to close but with some levering and muscling they closed eventually with each buckle on the first catch. I left them on for 30 minutes. By that time the shells were cooled off. At no point were they ever uncomfortable but they are very snug even compared to when the boots were new.

I got the Grand Prix model. My shells were fit close to my feet originally. My longer foot has about 1/4 or 5/16" behind the heel when in the shell barefoot. After last nights fit experience I think that even with my close shell fit I would have had problems with too much room in the closer fitting World Cup liner model.

I was going to go ski them today but as yesterday wore on I found myself suffering more and more from cold-flu symptoms and today I woke with a full on cold. Have to wait until tomorrow.
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