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Copper and Keystone Reviews

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These are resort opinions from the perspective of an intermediate. This was my first time skiing in CO.


I cannot comment on the entire ski area as I only skied the front mountain. Also on the front hill not all lifts were running.

The village area and resort is very nice with lots of shops. It looked like it would be a nice place to stay. As far as the skiing it was a bit annoying: the layout and the accumulation of skiers in certain areas.

Everyone said I would like this resort the best based on my current level and desires but I just did not care for the layout. The area and skiers seemed to posess more of an Eastern 'Straton Mountain' type atmosphere.

A particularly annoying feature was the trails seemed to intersect at a lot of high traffic spots. Also, the green and blue runs to the right side of the first hill were not as consistent as at Copper. It seemed like the trails diverted left or right onto traverses quite frequently. Also, when on blue runs and traversing an intersection you would often find yourself temporarily on a very steep pitch with more advanced skiers bearing down on your fast.

Near the bottom at skiers left there was only one way out to the base area and that was a wierd detour that kept taking you around and around a bend where you eventually botle-knecked with 3 or 4 skiers behind and in front of you on an extremely narrow path.

A weird observation:The hill and parking lot was not crowded at all but once I got on the mountain it seemed like 90% of the skiers there were accumulating on the green runs to the right. It actually was a bit too crowded on that side of the hill even though the resort seemed pretty dead. This must be where all the intermediates and beginners like me go when in CO.? I would hate to see what its like during the holidays.

Besides the skiing the staff seemed friendly and professional enough and the patrollers were nice and greeted you and asked if you had questions etc. I just didnt care for the mountain too much. Thats just my take though.

Copper Mountain:

I used the free parking on the left side and took the blue shuttle bus to the Central base area. This is right in front of the Superpipe.

I really enjoyed the segregation of terrain and it seemed to work rather well. Copper also had a mountain safety patrol with a big presence. I chatted with one of the hosts and the staff was pretty friendly. In 2 days of skiing the entire day not once did I see anyone really out of control or using other skiers as gates etc. Also, you will definately notice if you stick to the right you dont get people flying by you at mach 1.

It semed much more laid back than Keystyone and the other riders very friendly and courteous. Everyone would ask who was going left or right when getting off the lift etc. At Keystone it was more of a free for all-getting the bar slammed on your head etc.

The terrain to the right side of the mountain has lots of variations but for an intermediate or begginer I found it probably is perfect. They had a few small mogul runs that were not too steep and you could really practice on. I usually shy away from most mogul fields as they either seem to go on forever or are overly steep. The terrain is also very straightforward with very few intersections and very few catwalks.

If you go check out the Timerbline Express Lift at mid mountain. I spent half a day riding this lift alone. I almost had the whole section to myself and the snow was not really tracked up. There is one run called 'soliloquy' (sp?) that is rated green but it is a blast. Lots of little natural rollers and drop-offs. The snow was also very soft as it was not in direct sunlight. Right under the lift there is a blue run 'little burn' with a few small mogul fields and a relatively gentle pitch. Also, at skiers left off the Flyer lift slide over to the Rendezvous lift. It takes you to the top for some scenic views and a fun ride down. At first it looks like you might be in for some steep terrain but the ride down is pretty mellow if you stick to the trail under the lift.

I would pay top dollar to have this resort in my backyard. I am envious of folks in CO.

I also drove by Arapahoe Basin...Beautifull mountain and scenery.They advertise green and blue runs on the map but from the parking lot it looked like everything was one giant version of 'The Wall' at Holiday Valley. It kind of looked like a condensed version of the West side of Jackson Hole. Perhaps it was the perspective from the parking lot and it really isnt as steep as it looks but it looked steep enough for me to think I would be in over my head. Maybe in a couple of years.
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Skied both numerous times. Here are my comments.





Copper seems to have it all....Good mogul runs, Bowls, Good Groomers.
Keystone is pretty cool over at North Peak and Outback, but the front side always seems to be full of death cookies....Alot of times the bottom of river run is better suited for your ice skates than skis. Copper can also be like this under American Eagle and American Flyer, but when it comes to ice they call it KeyStone for a reason.

I have to be fair though I havent got to ski keystone in March like I have skied Copper. I dont expect to ever ski keystone more than 1 day per trip ever again. but I would do four days at Copper no question.

Copper has it all. Far West, Copper Bowl, Rosi's Run, Union Bowl, Resolution Bowl has some of the best moguls I have ever skied.....Man I love Copper.....
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I am a season pass holder for Copper and Winter Park, and have gone to many different resorts in CO. Copper is a great place to ski, as it has a large variation of terrain. For more advanced terrain stick to the Super Bee lift, where you can find Rosis Run as mentioned earlier. As of this previous weekend, lift lines are very minimal, and all as usual are friendly.
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