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European ski areas

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This season the massive French resorts of La Plagne and Les Arcs were joined together by a double-decker cable car to create one of the world's biggest ski areas with 250 marked runs served by 175 lifts.

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Trouble about Europe is the lack of the "inbounds" concept. If you're not on the groomed, you're offpiste and that's it. That's the reason why US resorts seemed large to me - so much more choice of 'safe' terrain.

Of course, if you hire a guide or if several people head out with the right equipment, then there is incomparably more terrain served by lifts in European resorts.

What about this? "the Sella Ronda is itself only part of the area covered by the Dolomiti Superski – the world’s largest ski pass – which encompasses 1,220km of piste served by 460 lifts."
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The major difference between skiing in the US and Europe is the timberline altitude.
In Europe, the timberline is at least 1000 m lower that in the US Rockies, providing more 'open bowl' skiing where just a minor acreage of that is really maintained. In contrast to that Rocky mountain skiing areas mostly offer more tree skiing where the runs pretty much follow the numerous alleys thru the woods, suggesting having more trails.
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