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Skiied Saturday the 16th through Monday the 19th. Saturday afternoon after getting in from the airport, we took a quick cruise around the upper mountain to survey things. Conditions weren’t bad given the early time frame, good corduroy all over but some of the high traffic trail junctions were very icy. It started snowing Saturday night. Sunday morning was overcast and we were in the clouds before we got off the gondola. By about ten am the whole upper mountain was enveloped in a significant white-out. Light snow and winds of about 20 mph made visibility almost zero and lift rides were no fun. The guy in the little accessories shop at Rendevouz Saddle was selling goggles and balaclavas as fast as he could ring them up. This came and went Sunday but it helped cover the low spots. Sunday night it continued to snow but it didn’t look to be of any substance. Monday morning as I walked to the gondola, the LED conditions board said 6” new on top. As we rode up Storm Peak Express I would say this report was a little conservative.

We skied four runs down Storm Peak Face staying to the left and right edges in about 10-12” of fresh before it got tracked out. Later we ventured through the Ridge, The Closet and The Shadows and found some nice stashes in all three. The cover was a little thin to really try the trees yet. 10-12” isn’t much for some of you powder hounds but we’re from Minnesota and it was early season so we considered it a good day.

Steamboat’s always a reasonably priced trip, the conditions are always at least pretty good and if the weatherman cooperates it can really put a smile on your face.