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Durango Mountain Resort?

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At the end of this week, I'm heading down to Durango to see my folks. I have never skied in Durango, and though everyone says that its nothing special, I'd certianly enjoy a nice chill day of skiing after the stress of this week. Does anyone have some runs that should not be missed down there? Any thoughts on the mountain itself? Thanks!
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stay on chair 8

drive to TRide (90 miles or silverton - 50 miles)
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The 18" in the last two days made for nice face shots today, but it still needs more snow to cover all of the rocks and brush on the steeper runs. Elliot's off of 8 is the best consistent run at Purg. Bullrun can be fun, but as icanseeformiles(andmiles) suggests, Telluride is far more enjoyable. Then there is San Juan Ski Company for cat skiing......and BC....
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I enjoyed the place, although it is not my favorite in the region. I'd say the back lift is the best. under the main chair on the front is good also. there are many flat spots on the mtn too. not the best for snowboards.

here is my writeup & pictures:

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thanks for the info gentlemen. Looking at the mountain, I've decided that this looks like a nice place to take some leisurely runs and relax. Chair 8 looks the most promising! As much as I'd love to get over to Telluride, I haven't seen my folks for 2 years and as much as I'd love to head over there, it's going to be all I can do to take off for a half day of skiing or so! Thanks for the advice guys.
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Anyone know where to get discounted lift tickets?
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If you find any, let us locals know. Historically, we're usually the last to know. :

If you're spending time here and at motels, I'd bet there are package deals available. If skiing around a week or more, a Flex Pass may be worth a consideration. For $119, it essentially knocks a full day ticket price down to about a half day.
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