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I've got blue pants and a green jacket...I guess I'm just ugly from top to bottom :

I like the blue titans better too Phil
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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
I guess you're not going to be considering many Elan skis - just because of their color.
No, I wouldn't say that. I owned the G41s too. we called them the green-machines. I thought they were ugly then too.
I wouldn't consider Elan skis because they're Elan.
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Green is the new teal.

That said, the reason the green looks so hideous on those Squads is because of that lame flickering flame design that Rossi has insisted on for the past umpteen seasons. How they can have such stellar graphics on their Tele skis, but such lame ones on their freeride series is beyond me.

And yeah, I'm vain. Anybody who says that the color and design doesn't play a minor factor in what they buys is lying. We all are victim to graphic design. Granted I wouldn't buy a ski based solely on the graphics, nor would I pass on a ski because of the graphics, but at the end of the day you gotta be happy with what's on your feet.

How much were those leather Chanels, again?
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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster View Post

I like the blue titans better too Phil
And they ski better than they look too.
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618 View Post
Yes, really. Consensus on the PE is that it is a fine allmountain ski, and was actually one of the first twins to be considered such.
Apparently reading comprehension is not some people's strong suit.

Where exactly did I say the PE does not make a fine all-mountain ski? Oh, that's right, I never said that.

Read this slowly: The PE is more park oriented than either the Titan 9 or im88.

For those of you who have trouble with English, "more park oriented" does not mean "exclusively a park ski." Neither does it mean "not suitable for anything else." It simply means the PE has features which make it more at home in the park compared to the im88 or Titan 9.

How hard is that to understand? Now, go re-read my previous posts to find out why the PE is more at home in the park than the other two, or if you don't believe me, spend some time comparing the features and specs of each ski, the various reviews of each, and read each manufacturer's website.

Finally, ask yourself; of the three skis mentioned above, all of which can be used for tackling steep off-piste terrain, which one would you want to take into the park?

Yeah, I guess I'm just way off base on this one... :

Now I gotta get some sleep. 3 days at Mt. Baker starting tomorrow.
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3 days? good on ya. You should take your PE's.
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