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Dirt Cheap Southern VT Lodging

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I'm spending a few nights at Dostal's in Londonderry at the beginning of Jan.


The hostel beds are $25 including breakfast; thus, it's fairly appealing to my budget wallet.

Anybody familiar with this place?

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Magic's got a cult following due to some of the better steeps in So. VT, but has suffered financially for many years. It is not an especially good place to go if you are depending heavily on manmade snow. The facilities, including Dostals, are decidedly run-down, but I stayed at Dostals once long ago for the same reason you are: cheap slopeside lodging. I think Stratton recently used it or somewhere close for employee housing. You will be close to Stratton, Bromley, Okemo and the restaurants/shopping of Manchester if Magic's available terrain is limited.
If by CHANCE you happen to wake up at Dostals after an 18" dump you'll be sitting pretty.
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I haven't stayed at Dostal's in ten years and it was dowdy then, perhaps worse than that now. The price is right ask to see the room first.

Dostal's isn't quite slope side but Magic is an easy walk. Dostal's used to ahve a decent breakfast in the restaurant and sold discount lift tickets. Magic costs $25 midweek but a few bucks saved will buy you a beer at the bar and you can tell your Redline adventures to the bartender.

Magic rocks with fresh snow. May you indeed get the 18" dump of snow Jamesj discussed.
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