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I have a pair of Marker M38 flaoting around the house and I'm thinking of mounting them on my brand new (yeah, they're new, maybe 2 runs on them) Kastle RX15 National Team SLN. Only drilled once for same binding (but by another person!), but the holes are far from crisscrossing :the guy had huge feet, we're talking 350mm + insole here. M38 are in fair condition and were owned by my mom (DIN never set higher than 4!).

Other option would be waiting until next year when I'll have a beaten up but still serviceable S916 with Poweraxe plate to mount on them. I'm actually really curious about running these with some height... Would this be a bad idea, since skis weren't designed with this increased leverage. I'm not worried about bootout, since I doubt I'll do more than moderate to high speed cruising: no bombing or charging, these are old school slalom planks after all I'm more worried about catching an edge and tearing my acl because the ski is unstable with high leverage and DIN must be set high.

I'm gravitating toward the M38 option simply because I could ski these things as soon as this weekend, but as we all know, straight skis cannot be drilled more than 2-3 times at best, so I don't want to screw this up and ruin a NOS ski.