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See the story at First I've heard of it. Don't forget to check on the comments. I like the fact that KSL has a photo of ALTA patrollers for their story. Nice.

I remember 1 year at X-mas the ski school where I used to work had a "sick out" when they took away our free skiing privileges (it was in the south so it was non unionized). Pretty damn effective. We had them back within an hour. It was a disagreement between "Skilled labor" (instructors) and "Unskilled labor" (lift operators.) Some lift operators complained that we could free ski during that time period, but they could not. As it turns out, they could be replaced easily, we could not. That was a point we made abundantly clear. When it's your busiest time you the year, you stand to lose a lot of money if your profit center walks out on you...