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Rossignol World Cup RS - good for J3?

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My 13-year old daughter is a J3 ski racer, in her 3rd year of ski racing. She is 5' 3", about 117 pounds. As a J4 last year, she was a consistent top-10 finisher in GS, middle of the pack in slalom. (We live in New England and race in New Hampshire).

This past year, she became eligible for a sponsorship from Rossignol, via the Nastar program and an organization called Modern Ski Racing (the waist steering clinic folks). She was due to get the Rossignol Junior Race RS slalom ski at 150cm.

Due to a shortage of junior skis in their program, Rossignol has substituted the junior ski for their full-blown, adult World Cup Slalom ski (also at 150 cm). It is a very, very nice ski!!

We could either let her race these skis this year or try to figure out some way to swap or exchange them locally for a junior pair. The caveat is that this is only one shop in the region that currently has the junior version of this ski in stock and it will likely get sold quickly. So, we need to make that decision within the next day or so.

We'll be talking to her coaches next week, but in the interim, we've been trying to get advice on whether the adult ski is "too much" ski for a 13-year old. We're getting mixed signals from the local ski shops. Some say she could do it, other's frown.

I'm not a racer, so am not into the subtle differences. We're hoping that she will significantly improve in Slalom this year, so want to make sure that she has the right ski.

What do experts on the forum think? Pros and cons?

What do we need to consider? (we can't seem to find the rossi weight charts on line), weight, strength, ability, future growth, etc?

Stick with the adult World Cup Slalom ski?

Exchange it immediately for the junior ski (call the shop today)

Other ideas?

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I think the adult ski would be manageable, but the junior one would probably be ideal. However, I'd bet that the junior and adult 150 aren't all that different, the main difference being the plate. But what must be kept in mind is that a 13 year old's strength is suited to a junior ski, whereas a short adult ski is meant for more developed muscles, even if weight is the same. A lot can happen between 13 and 15, in terms of strength and development. If she is physically mature and a strong skier, the adult would be fine.
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Get it for her in a 155 since she will need to be on a legal ski when she hits J-2?

A free ski that she will get one year out of will be just that, of course it does sound like the "percs" may continue to come.

Just a thought ..
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Do NOT get the 155 for her. Besides being just plain too long, the 155 has less shape than the 150, which is designed for racers in her situation- on the cusp between a junior and adult ski. The added shape will make the stiffer flexing adult ski much more manageable for her.
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Takecontrol ... sorry, what I meant was to put it on the shelf till the following year. It sounds like he is going to have to buy the junior ski this year and why grab a free adult race stock that will not be legal the following year.

What I sense here is that there are budget constraints and there are no easy answers. The reality is, that if she is still hot as a J-2, she will have two pair of SL's & GS .... training and race dedicated.
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Ah, I can see where you'recoming from there- but the fact remains that she'll still need a ski for this year, and there are many J3s who are on adult skis- especially the ones good enough to be considered for sponsorships, whether they be full or partial ones. If her performance keeps up, they may up it to a full setup come J2.
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