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knee/tibia pain

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Anyone had any pain at the top of their tibia before? At the top of my tibia there is a hard bump (nothing on other leg), it is tender if i push hard or rub on it and it causes pain when I allow my knee to flex over top of my foot (like flexing a soft ski boot), so it affects me in the gym and when just walking up stairs and such.

Looking at the image the pain would be right where the patellar tendon meets the tibia

Has anyone had this issue before, is this "shin splints"? I'm thinking it may be caused by tight muscles, I'm not totally sure though. It occurred after doing squats fairly deep squats. I will try a stretching routine and see how that goes. Yes, yes I know I should see a doctor, but around here I need to wait up to 2 months just to see my GP, hopefully someone can provide some insight into this and if it is serious enough I will make an appointment.
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your question has the answer

if it hurts at the patellar tendon, thats probably what it is. deep squats are bad for the knee, in several areas. dont do them. every lunge instruction warns of getting the knee ahead of the toes.if it hurts, rest, and maybe aleve.
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