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anybody skiing fischer boots

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I tried for over a yr and 6 liners on my kryptons and i have had it.The right heel pocket will never work do to a freakheel and i just can't go on with them...I tried on some another 3 or 4 different boots but the ones that fit the best were the Fischer Soma World cup rc4 's...The heel pocket on left was really good and on right it was a little off but they sucked right in on flex...Any good or bad points about them would be appreciated

here is link to boot

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Kalle Palander...
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I don't know about those boots but I do know there are a bunch of year or two old Fischer boots on ebay for about a third of what those cost.
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To my understanding the Fischer Somatech boots have been undergoing a lot of development in just a few years. If you look at 2 year old boots they looked very clumbsy and stange but now they have developped into very nice looking public friendly boots. Im not saying that looks mean anything, its all about fit and functionality but its not to deny that their looks are now stunning.

What sets these boots apart from the rest of the pack however is the slight lateral angle they are set up with. Heels are closer together to mimic the natural stance of a person standing. Toes are pointing slightly outwards. You need to get used to this alignment because it affects your skiing dramatically.... to the better... ??? If you buy be shure to tell us all about it!
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The word on the street is the top athletes are in a Fischer boot that does not set them up with their toes out -

Nyman, Shoenfelder and Hosp too - it's working.
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I have about 10 days on a pair of RC4 Races...they are awesome. It took a number of runs to get used to the duck footed stance (waaaay quicker to the inside edge than I was used to). But, after a few near "over the bar" hook ups I am really loving these boots. Great flex pattern, good in all conditions and for me a far superior boot to the Diablo's I had last year.
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I roomed with a guy over Thanksgiving that was skiing the new Fischer plugs. Way quicker at the top of the turn was what he had to say.
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