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Weather Shift For Cali?

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Not sure what it means (and no, I didn't check the forecast), but today when I woke up at 6:45 to move my truck (ah, the joys of living in San Francisco and not having a garage) there was frost on my window.

I've been in SF proper now for about 10 years (have lived in the Bay Area most of my life--Napa, Oakland--with the exception of SLO for college) and cannot ever recall having had frost on my windows in the City.

Dunno if this bodes well for Tahoe, but I'm hoping so.
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I used to regularly scrap my windows when I lived there. Of course that was San Carlos.

All the weather experts are a little befuddled about why El Nino hasn't kicked in yet, but they all still expect it anytime now. ENSO (El Nino) is following a normal course, with the exception of cold Pacific waters off of CA. Once that warm pool works it's way over, look out. I expect to see JAN/FEB/MAR/APR to be relatively lively and moist. Just cross your fingers and hope that the mosture draws in cold air from the North.

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I hope so...

I was in Truckee last Thursday and at 5 p.m. it was drizzlin' at 6000', and rainin' at 5000'. I didn't get in any turns on the slight cover that's there because 15 extra people showed up to a meeting I held, so it lasted an extra 4 hours. But, hey, I'm not bitter or anything...

Here's the NOAA report for Truckee: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_foreca...&county=cac057

I'm heading to Tahoe City for New Year's. Pray to Ullr!
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The snow on Sat and Sat night brought better conditions on Sunday last. At least at SAT. Looks to be cold now and dry but hey the gods could smile on us at any time.
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meanwhile, south of bakersfield

got a little in the san gabriels saturday.

look out my office window today:

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Dino (and whomever else):

I should be up in Truckee over New Years if only to get out of the City for some clean mountain air. Maybe I'll have a pair of hucker rock skis by then, too, so I'll be gun ho!

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Is that an EXCEPTIONALLY clear day?

Or do you have fancy filters on that camera?

Originally Posted by ryan View Post
got a little in the san gabriels saturday.

look out my office window today:

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