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I just received my Halti “Father Jouni” from SRD (Ski Racing Development) in Vail. Halti isn’t a brand you see on this side of the pond very much but seems to be a strong brand in Europe. One of the reasons I did get it was because of this fact. I didn’t want to be wearing the same soft-shell as everyone else on the hill (which meant that Arc'teryx, TNF were out). So my choices came down to the Schöffel (a company I love, the best ski jacket I’ve ever had was from them), Haglöfs and Halti. The Schöffel was great but too much money this close to Christmas. The Haglöfs would have been my choice but was exceedingly hard to buy and get sent here (there aren’t many good online euro retailers…). Then I saw that SRD had Halti (along with some other great obscure to N.A. brands). It certainly didn’t hurt that the Halti soft-shell was $225 either, so I took the plunge.

The Halti soft-shell is made out of their Drymaxx Ultimate fabric and is rated to 15,000 “what ever they are’s”. It has a Recco beacon built into the sleeve (nice feature), two hand pockets, a left side chest pocket, left wrist mini-pocket (why? I’ve only ever seen these pockets hold one thing and it isn’t legal…) and underarm vents.

The first thing I noticed about the jacket was the externally taped seams. They look very robust are rough textured and give the jacket an interesting look. Probably make it much more waterproof too. The fabric on the outside is a little more rubbery than many other soft-shells I’ve tried on. It probably doesn’t breathe as well as some other ones (I don’t know yet), but is probably more waterproof than most. The zippers are very nice and well thought out (has a cover at your chin so it doesn’t chaff etc.) and look exceedingly waterproof. The interior has a short nap fleece. I think this is less of a layering soft-shell and more of an outwear one. That’s what I will be using it for exclusively.

I will be sending it back to SRD unfortunately as I bought an XL and I’m swimming in it. I weigh 195lbs and am 5’10, have a 43 inch chest and 20 inch shoulders (wear a 44R suit). For most soft-shells that’s defiantly a XL unless I want a second skin jacket (and I don’t have the abs for that!) If I really layer up, the jacket is fine, but wearing only a base layer and a thin fleece it’s way too big and the arms go about 6 inches past my wrist. A Large would probably fit perfect. It is NOT a supper athletic cut and seems to be made to layer underneath it.

All in all I’m happy with it, and will report back after a ski day or two (but with the weather that’ll probably be in Jan. some time)