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As both new skis and boots were tried for the first time together, I decided on a combined review. My stats: 55 YO, 6’, 220 lbs, level 8-9, 31 years on the slopes. My foot: 283mm length, 105 mm forefoot width, 79 mm heel width., 430 mm calf circumference, 276 mm ankle circumference. Enjoy ALMOST all terrain: steeps on/off piste, powder, bumps, trees. Avoid jumping off cliffs at all costs - BUT – there are those whoops/OS occasions !!!! My prior boots, Technical ICON ALU. Quiver includes Volkl Allstars (175cm), Five Stars (182cm), G31’s (188cn) – yes, there is a trend.

Boots tested: 06/07 Dalbello Krypton Cross w/ID liners, 290 shell, custom footbeds (weighted), performance fit, worn with Smartwool ultralight socks

Ski Tested: 06/07 Volkl AC4, 177cm

When/Where: 12/16-17, Killington, Vt.

Conditions: Spring snow on blue/black terrain including morning groomers, mid-morning knee/mid-thigh bumps, afternoon mush/crud, short - firm/packed steeps (on top)

The boot fitting process – as described in previous Krypton posts – you cannot truly judge the boot fit until AFTER the thermal fitting. I had a performance fit = loose buckle after heating. This allows for more expansion of the liner resulting in being able to obtain a more snug fit when buckled. Overall fit - excellent.

My issue with boots has been a snug heel fit while leaving ample room for my forefoot/toes and calf. I’ve always had to select one then have the boots tweaked – sometimes extensively to fit the remaining. The Dalbello’s have the best heel fit of any boot I have purchased while requiring no modifications the front or calf area of the boot. The center buckle works as designed, keeping my heel locked even when pounding through spring bumps. I have had many a black big toe nail resulting from being thrown back when executing a “whoops”. Based upon the 2 days skied, the center cable / heel lock will make that a distant memory. The ski feel and edge/edge transfer was excellent – smooth and providing good feedback. The forward lean is greater then that of my Technica’s and I found that to improve my stance over the skis allowing me a smoother, more solid transfer into turns. For my size/weight, the flex was perfect – working well both in moguls and on hardpack. At this time, I have no need for any adjustments. If this boot works with your foot, definitely would recommend it.

I found the 06/07 Volkl AC4’s to perform exactly as many had previously reported. For a mid-fat ski, extremely quick edge to edge. On groomers I found them to work well with both long and medium radius turns and rock stable at speed. On a bumped black diamond run (East Fall), I found them easy to keep in a tight line and did not get thrown due to the stiffness. NOTE – spring snow so the bumps WERE forgiving !!!!! On the few areas of steep hard pack (Superstar headwall, Cascade headwall), the edge hold was excellent. When the snow became mush/crud, the skis plowed through it without tip wander. My sweet spot was slightly forward of center. Compared to my 06 AC4’s, these have a more solid feel in the soft snow/crud and are quicker turning. For an Eastern all mountain ski and 50% on piste and 50% off piste Western ski, I believe these will satisfy. My only concern is not having good deep powder float due to the stiffness. But, when those conditions present themselves – time to rent !!!!

Hope all find this useful - Charlie aka falcon_o