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Life is Good

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A brief verbal celebration of the great sport we all do!

You know, I have been working with a challenging group of instructors over the last few days on their skiing, we still don't have a lot of snow, I've got a cold . . . but HEY I'm still having fun!

Even a "bad" day of skiing is a lot better than a "good" day of sitting in an office!

My body needs to take a couple of days off a week from skiing, but my spirit never tires of it.

What a great sport we all partake in eh?!

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The darkest pub or the coldest piste is better than the lightest office.
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That is because YOU are on the other end of the "working with" part.

As one of the "worked on" ......

Any donations of Advil may be sent to Yuki c/o .........
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Just got off the hill. Set a rise line training slalom for the team....great kids, fun under the lights...a reprieve from the 900 lessons we did today!
Yeah...love the simple stuff...the pure stuff. Great post Todd...feeling the same!
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I've been teaching the 7 class the past few days. 8 nationalities taught in two days. Having a ball skiing the black groomers all over the mountain. "Slow line fast" all day long. Snow grippy, edges sharp and me marvelling how these skis just turn all by themselves. #1 son arrives thursday for his 1st BIG ski trip. Lots of time off coming up. Life is indeed good! Thanks Todd. Keep Smiling all.

Oh yeh! Its been dumping snow all day and continues. Fressssh for Monday skiing clinic coming up.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Got our new guys on video today, video is excellent for cutting through ego protection to the raw truth! We have a fun toy where we can look at footage of one of our instructors side by side or superimposed with - any other skier. You can play them back on the wall sized screen and also draw with a tablet onto the video to point out things. You can also cut and paste body parts from one skier onto another, and then resume animation with the swapped body parts!

Anyways - was another great day. Though it was quite busy, so I was glad to see the city folks headed back to home this evening.

Its snowing and should be a nice uncrowded and fun day up on the Mtn tommorow!

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It is indeed. Just got back from Sunday River, ME. Even with the lack of snow there was enough to keep me out there from 9 - 3:30 nonstop. God bless camelback and powerbar.
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Todd, sometimes I feel so addicted to skiing that it scares me. I love the silence that watching a video can bring to some of the biggest talkers.
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I'm heading for the airport
It' snowing where I'm going
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Wave to the man on the tarmac with the flouro orange gloves on arrival. What a bitch of a job in winter!

turns for all.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Life IS good--even if it is local hills for now, night skiing made up for the too-warm day. And Mammoth trip is coming up! Keep on talking, people--it makes the waiting better.
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