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I ski and ride, and thus have to be stingy with when and why I buy equipment. The last time I purchased a new board (which I rode quite happily till I did irreparable damage to it around 2002) it was probably circa 97/98 and it was the first incarnation of the Burton FL. The top sheet was bright blue. I am not sure how many were made -- it was the very first FL -- a friend of mine who owned a shop got it for me as a blem and at the time acted like it was a big deal that he got it.

So anyways, I rode my brothers board since destroying the FL b/c he was living out of the country on an island. He is back, and now I need a new board. I can honestly say that I loved the FL. Is Burton making a current version of this board, and if not, what would the closest thing that they are making currently? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am not absolutely stuck on Burton, but I've ridden other boards and never found anything to be as enjoyable as the FL was for me.

Thanks all.
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The closest thing to the FL Project would be the Burton Custom X, but considering the advancements in tech, the Custom X ($799.99 CDN) is far more board than the FL project was.

If you are looking for a great all mountain freestyle board (compariable to the Custom but is going to save you lots of $$$) I would suggest an Atomic Alibi. The board is the most winningest board in Transworld's good wood awards, and speaking from expierience the board is an AMAZING ride. Good for pretty much anyone at any level.


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Thanks for the insights Matt. I think my local shop would have Atomic to demo, so I am definitely going to check it out.

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