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An apology to Green Mountain Orthotic Lab and First Run Sports

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A few weeks ago I had a less than ideal experience at the First Run ski shop/Green Mountain Orthotic Lab in Stratton. I was rather upset and posted about the experience here. I have since talked to the shop and apended my original post. Normally this would be sufficient, but I feel that I really screwed up in the way I handled things and want to make a public apology. My posting was rash and inflammatory, and although it did generate a lot of good discussion, it also may have damaged GMOL's online reputation. In retrospect I really should have handled this matter in private rather than in public and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the owners and employees of GMOL and First Run Ski Shop.

Sometimes an internet forum is a great way to blow off steam and we don't realize that what we post may have an effect on real live people. Posting about a company that is doing bad business is defintely something that should be done, whether it is done in an attempt to get them to change their practices, or simply to warn others away. However, this is perhaps not the best way to start things off. Sometimes what was a simple misunderstanding can be blown way out of proportion. I would advise anyone thinking about following in my footsteps to first talk to the company that you feel has wronged you. If things still aren't settled then by all means broadcast your complaint far and wide, but try working things out in private before airing your dirty laundry.

A note to moderators: I am creating this second thread in the General forum because that is where the original thread was posted. I wanted to make sure that my apology reached the audience that read the original thread, many of whom may not be regular readers of the "Gear" forum.
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I was going to stick this text into the original thread and bump it to the top, but I guess the edit feature gets turned off after a day or two. Anyway, this is what I was going to add:


This story actually has a somewhat happy ending. The managers at First Run and Green Mountain Orthotic Lab discovered this thread and took time out of their busy schedules to contact me. After going in and talking to them, I have a much better feel for their operation. The first thing I learned was that the employee I spoke to was actually not an employee of GMOL but was rather an employee of First Run (the two operations share one retail space). Since I didn't have any interaction with GMOL (although I didn't realize it at the time), it really isn't fair for me to criticize them. The manager of First Run apologized for what had happened and told me that they have discussed this with their employees, and it shouldn't happen again. I also spoke with the manager of GMOL and discovered that he didn't fit my stereotype of the arrogant bootfitter. He seemed really down to earth and actually explained that the reason they don't do foam liners is not that the foam liners themselves are bad, but instead that they have discovered that they are extremely challenging to do well in the typical shop environment (in other words GMOL feels that it take a ton of time in a very relaxed environment to do a foam liner right, and the typical consumer really doesn't have that much time).

In summary, I guess I was having a bad day, and the shop employee I ran into was having a bad day, and things just kind of got out of hand. Obviously from the comments on this thread most people have had overwhelmingly positive interactions with GMOL, and I actually expect that in the future I will also have positive interactions with them (they even invited me to bring in my boots if I had any fit issues).

I would also like to apologize to GMOL and in fact posted a seperate apology thread in the General Ski Discussion forum.
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We added it for you (thanks Cirque), and well done!
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Good job!
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