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Copper, 12/22

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With Megan's little neck pain and coordination with another family, we're pushing out our planned ski day to Friday. We'll be heading up with the Naftels, but if anyone wants to connect for a run, for the day, for lunch, or whatever, let me know either in here or by PM. It'd be great to meet you and we'd be happy to have you join us if you'd like to ski with a couple of families.
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I may be playing hookey again with Jane this Friday. I'll check back.
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Would be cool, janesdad... How old is Jane this year? The girls are 10 and 12, and the family we'll be with have three kids, 9, 11, and 13. But, they are all comfortable with younger kids... I just wanted you to know! It'd be really super to hook up with you and Jane!
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Jane is rev.5 this year. We've been out a few times and she is pretty confident on the snow this year. Fingers crossed.
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However, at this point, all bets are off. The storm has wreaked havoc on some plans around the house, so we're not sure we'll get up tomorrow. I'll let you know, tho!
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same, same....sadness - doubtful I could get out of the driveway in the morning if the plows go by again anyway... Sunday for certain, though.
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You have plows coming through where you live? We have yet to see one in our neighborhood (Hilltop). I shoveled out the driveway (twice- once last night to get the car in, and then another foot today), but our street is still near impassible unless you have a high clearance vehicle.
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We're ok. It got sunny yesterday while ya'll were still getting snow. I've finally finished the driveway, and the front loader (no plows!) came by this morning. We're in pretty good shape, now, but we're going to put off the mountain until next week at this point. More when we re-plan.
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I've gotten out to the supermarket. STAY OFF THE SIDE ROADS. I know everyone knows this, but DON'T DO IT. With chains on the stationwagon we were barely able to navigate. It is warming up and the snow is going to ice over badly tonight.
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