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I thought my boots were fitting, pretty good, and they were. Up at ESA Stowe, i stopped in at Inner BootWorks and had them check the fit and make adjustments. They started with off the shelf footbeds and adjusted the Cuff angle, but using the "Cant" adjustment. After skiing on them for a day, although, my stance was much better, i had developed a sore spot on the bone near both little toes and the pad of the foot, behind the big toe did not feel like it was making much contact with the footbed, while skiing and the factory cuff strap was not keeping me from flexing the boot a lot..

Jaimie at Inner Boot, ground the foot bead a little, streched the side of the boots a bit and installed a better cuff stap.

Skiing all day sunday, in similar weather conditions as Saturday, there was no more pain, cold feet, or awkward foot position.

This set me back a wopping $85. : Definitly worth the comfort.

If you are up by Stowe/Smuggs area or really need some boot work. i reccomend them very highly.