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Angulation Pictures!

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Heh, just kidding.

Ok, this is purely a self serving question, I'll get that out of the way right away.

I'm doing a little keyword type investigation. Trying to see which words folks would input into a search engine.

So, let's just say you were looking for information on a ski area? Which words would you type in the search engine box? How would you phrase your query?

On another note, which search engine do you prefer?

Thanks for any and all answers,

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I'd put in the name of the ski area into Copernic. Provided I'm not caught behind a well configured firewall at some of my client sites, it will go off and search several search engines, then rate the results. (oh, and the basic copernic is free)

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I'd put in the name of the ski area in and you'll probably get their website as one of the top ones. I use www.google.com and www.yahoo.com the most.
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Just use the name of the ski area (ie: Killington). I use Google. It gives you less pop ups and more relevant sites.
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I second the use of Google. Altavista is a good search engine as well. Sometimes you have to put in the name if the resort followed by "ski area" or "resort."
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