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The New 179 Bro Model STIFF

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I really needed a shorter ski for slower in resort skiing, bumpy firm snow and for the tight steep and trees.
Living near the PM Gear factory seems to have its advantages.
Splat happened to have a fresh pair of slightly Blemed 179 Stiff Bro’s.
I gave up my place in line and took possession of skis.
3 hours later I pick up my new Bros from Bobo’s mounted with Solomon Z-12 Bindings. The skis are mounted on the recommended line, finished 1 and 2 sharp Tip to Tail.
I headed back to the PM Gear factory to show them off
Check out the minimal Camber

See the new Top Sheets, lighter Green, and the Tip and Tail logo's are modified

I had these in a large ski shop doing flex comparisons with other Similar Skis.
Stiff Bro = This years LP @ 186 and the Monster 105
Seemed slightly softer than the IM88
I did notice a big difference between the LP and the Stiff Bro.
The LP seemed stiffer at first but what was really going on is, the LP will only bend so much (Not much) and the metal in the ski stops you from bending it any further. But the initial flex until you hit the wall is the same as the stiff Bro. The Stiff bro will just keep bending with greater and greater pressure. You can flex a Bro into almost a reverse C. Not many big stiff skis will do that.
Yes I did ski on them, @ Mt. Rose with one long blue groomer open. So how the hell do I describe the way the ski feels on snow with two half days on a blue groomer?
THEY ARE ****IN GREAT!! Serious edge hold! The soft tip area combined with stiff along the center 3/4th of the ski, provide a predictable stable ride. As the snow changes from chop to hard pan the ski just holds its line.
I had 186 LP’s last winter; these are a suitable replacement for the 186 LP.
They feel very similar. Except for one minor detail, these skis are Light! Man it feels good to have so much ski under foot but I can skate and pick them up off the snow (AT will) this no fatigue. (FASTER)
These skis are not for everyone, you get out of them what you put into them. They have to be skied. They do not turn by themselves on hard snow. You have to be big or strong and know how to put your knee over your toes and BEND the beasts. If that you GET THESE SKIS! If this isn’t you buy the 179 soft Bro’s
I was very satisfied as I carried these skis back to the car at the end of the day, but something was missing, Oh yea I did not feel like I had an I-Beam digging into my shoulder as I carried the skis back to the car.
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Excellent review. Nice to see that someone who skis as fast as you can be happy on a shorter ski. Interesting selection of lightweight bindings. I suspect the Rossi Axials would have been good for this if they hadn't found a home on some AK Rockets.
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Yea I could not get the Look / Rossi P style bindings on short notice. The Z-12 is very light, mounted on a very light ski. I have the din set @9 right now and did come out of the toe this morning (Not sure I should have) when catching a rock in the untracted. I am very happy with the ski for doing what i like to do. I also hit some frozen tight bumps with chopped up pow on top. I was very fast edge to edge and I was able to lift the skis off the snow and plant them where I wanted too.

Very happy so for, I can tell that I am really going to like them in tight steep places. (The reason I got them)
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MTT was ripping on his new bros this weekend...he was catapulting from turn to turn regardless of the sheer ice

They seemed like almost as much fun as my new (to me) vintage Nordica 9.1FFs...whoo boy...once I fix the damage I did to the bases lookout
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