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Holiday Valley vs. Boyne Mtn

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I like HV a lot but from Detroit its a couple hours further. Thinking about trying Boyne or Boyne Highlands. I think both are smaller vert and skiiable acres.

How does the terrain at Boyne compare?

How are the lift lines?

Nice Day on Chute Chair
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HV is bigger with more terrain. 50% more vertical.

You may want to check out Nubs or Crystal. They are smaller than HV, but are closer and less expensive than the Boynes.
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Hey, try Peek N Peak Resort in Findley Lake NY. It's comparable to Boyne and an hour and a half closer than HV.

Doesn't compare to HV though as far as terrain, lifts and ammenities.
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I liked Boyne Highlands more than Boyne Mountain. Nubs Knob is directly across the street from Highlands so I might pick those two. Lines can be long on weekends and holidays. More so at Highlands than Nubs. I have never been to HV so I couldn't rec one over the other.
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Hey, try Peek N Peak Resort in Findley Lake NY
From what I remember, HV is much better than Peak n Peak or seven springs for that matter.

What about Bristol Mountain in NY? Any good?
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Originally Posted by loudog800 View Post
What about Bristol Mountain in NY? Any good?
Scroll through this thread

for some opinions on Bristol. In northern lower Michigan I've been only to Nub's Nob (my favorite), Boyne Highlands, Crystal, and Caberfae, so I can't directly compare anything to Boyne Mountain, where I've never been. What I can say is that I prefer Holiday Valley and Bristol in western New York to anything I've ridden in Michigan. (I'll admit I have some bias, though, because I have relatives in Buffalo I stay with.)
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I can't really compare michigan to holiday valley, but I'm an hv local....Just interesting to see that HV brings people in from this far away. I guess we are fairly lucky to have what we have here.

In regards to bristol, they have more vertical and the steeper runs are longer but its not as expansive and doesn't have the variety that HV does imo.

When are you planning your trip?

I wouldn't consider pknpk over hv either, maybe in a few years though, I guess they are really making a lot of improvements.
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Originally Posted by loudog800 View Post
I like HV a lot but from Detroit its a couple hours further. Thinking about trying Boyne or Boyne Highlands. I think both are smaller vert and skiiable acres.

How does the terrain at Boyne compare?

How are the lift lines?

Nice Day on Chute Chair
There is no question that HV blows away anything between the Mississippi River and the Adirondacks. When the conditions are good. Peek N Peak doesn't compare although there have been improvements made there this year. New Management too. Some former employees of HV are now in charge of operations there. My suggestion was PNP is as good as Boyne and a couple hours closer than HV. As someone who Patrolled for 10 years a HV, I can tell you it's worth the extra drive. Right now, it's not. We are hurting for snow and the next 10 days show no snow in sight but cooler overnight temperatures will at least allow for some snowmaking. Snowmaking is what makes HV second to none. They have the capacity to put up to a foot of snow a night on an entire run. Another good choice here is Holimont. Just a mile away from HV, this private ski area is every bit as good as HV but only open to non members during the week days. I've actually skied there more than HV the past few years. It's also less money for a day ticket. Next time you're in Eville, check it out.
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Well, looks like the ski season has finally arrived for MI and Western NY resorts. I'm planning on heading to Boyne this weekend.

Vert Rise 552 500 427 750
Skiable Acres 430 416 246 270
Total Acreage - - - 1400
Lifts 9 11 8 12

Although it doesn'g have the vert, Boyne Highlands is the biggest place, but HV is the highest...HV may be spread over more total acreage so it may feel bigger than the other resorts, don't know.

So which has better terrain between BH, BM and NN?
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Either the mountain or nubs have more steeps, that being relative to the midwest. I think nubs probably has more tree skiing if thats your thing. Either one of the boynes are more a complete resort with a variety of lodging and eats onsite. The mountain also has an indoor water park which is supposed to be a blast. Nubs normally has some of the best snow in the state, so try all 3 and let us know what you think.
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What's the cheapest way to buy all day lift tickets for boyne mountain?
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It used to be that the Boyne Country Sports store in the town of Petosky was a few dollars cheaper than buying on the hill. I think they have some locations in the Detroit area as well, not sure but thinking they would offer a discount as well.
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When all the lifts and trails are open, Holiday Valley is the premier Resort between the front range of Colorado and the Adirondaks of upstate NY.

With slopeside lodging, three mountain restaurants and lodges, five high speed lifts, overnight camping facilities. It has it all.

Right now it has the best conditions of the year.
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Boyne is great for Midwest skiing. IMO Nubs is better.

As for Holiday Valley, I haven't been there so I'm no judge.

Keep in mind that most of the places mentioned and opinions of terrain are based on personal experience. Some of those posting may/maynot have skied at some of these places recently. None of them are the same as they were 5 years ago, let alone 10 years ago.

Come on up to Northern Michigan and see what kind of fun you can have at Nubs, or Boyne!!!
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dont ski at holiday valley if you dont have to. i have skiied at both resorts in ellicottville (holiday valley and holimont) and holimont is far superior to the valley. the people are nicer, the foods better, the slopes longer/ steeper, and an all around better place.
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Skied Boyne mountain on fri and sat Jan. 26 and 27 so here's my comparison. The conditions were pretty decent and all lifts opened for sat. The dd were barely covered but skiiable. There were a few fun areas at Boyne, but the 250' foot vertical rise advantage at Holiday Valley is noticeable. It has a bigger mountain feel. I think HV is way more fun to ski, conditions being equal. The runs are more separated which is why the skiiable acres are higher at Boyne. HV can be more crowded, but if you know where to go you can avoid alot. HV is more expensive. I had fun at boyne, i'd go back, but HV may be worth the extra 2hr drive from detroit.

I'd like to try Holimont. Don't you have to be a member for weekends?

It looks fun from these aerials...holimont is the northern one.
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Forget about all of those other resorts and hit Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. I think its about 4-5 hours from Detroit. I've met plenty of people on the lift from your parts.

Right now, they've got 130cm base (over 50"!), and a better lift system than you'll find anywhere (4 high speed 6-packs serving over 700 vert feet). I don't know how someone could say HV blows anything away between the Dacks and the Rockies, because Blue Mountain is FAR better than Holiday Valley (Bristol is better too). And major lake effect dumps off Georgian Bay aside, Blue has the best snowmaking anywhere... I know its the best in Canada, and it blows away Holiday Valley, even after HV put that lake up on top of Tannebaum.
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Louddawg800 I have skied everywhere. You do not say what part of Detroit you live in so I cannot give you distances.

From Detroit, Crystal Mountain, Schuss and Boyne Mountain are all very good with terrain as steep as you will find at Holiday Valley. Holiday Valley has more vert and terrain.

You will also find Blue Mountain near Collingwood Ontario to match anything that you will find at Holiday Valley with similar verts.

For later season and more conistent snow try Searchmont north of Sault St Marie Ontario. The skiing there is better than Holiday Valley.

Boyne. Blue and Holiday Valley have the best ski towns available.

If you want a truely western experience you can try Mt Bohemia in Lac Labelle Michgan but its a 600 mile drive. Mt Bohemia is truely western style snow and skiing.

For the same drive you can be in northern NY state with big verts but you will not match the skiing that can be found at Mt Bohemia. Mt Bohemia is the midwests version of Alta or Crested Butte.
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HV is definitely a notch up from Boyne. As Lars mentioned, Peek n Peak is very comparable to Boyne. Another option for you is Blue Mountain. I've never been there, but the drive time is comparable I think.

I would go to the place you could ski midweek. If it means you can get to Boyne on a Wednesday, then ski there.
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