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Bob Barnes

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Please contact me via email at skibum@erols.com. I have a friend who just moved to CO, and is trying to contact you regarding employment, but the email address I have for you must be old, and your PM mailbox is full.


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Hi John--sorry about that PM box--I'll work on that!

I've been in touch with Jim via e-mail today. Thanks for pointing him my way. I look forward to skiing with him this season. Will you be out?

And this season doesn't look far away--snow in the mountains these past few days, and more in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. First turns are still a ways out, but it's pretty clear that summer's over around here!

Best regards,
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7 feet forecasted in the San Juans. It's coming!!
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Glad you got in touch with Jim.

I took a new job a few months ago and do have the opportunity to travel to Denver and the Springs once in a while. I have every intent of taking a long weekend and staying out there to ski when possible. Jim has a guest room in his basement, which I plan on using. I may be out there again as early as next month.

Tanke care.
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