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Boot Comfort Problems?

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As I was geting fitted for my expensive boots and orthodics from Surefoot, something occured to me. The dude that helped me was explaining how skiing at different angles effects the pressure on the foot, etc. etc. etc. Then it hit me: Skiing, even in the crappiest rental boots, has never made my feet uncomfortable. Standing in 20-minute lift lines (like we had at Brighton this weekend) is the only thing that kills my feet. Just something to think about.
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Unbuckle your boot before getting into a lift line and buckle them at the top.


Making a turn where you have to is different from making a turn where you want to...
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I have to unbuckle at the bottom almost everyrun...its the price you pay for performance

One thing though The Guys at Sure foot know their sh*t. If the fit hurts, take it back -- they'll fix it until it works..thats why they're so expensive.
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I'm not sure if I agree with your statement anymore (I used to). My instructor has boots that are very stiff, and very comfortable. He wears them all day without unbuckling them. He gets pissed at me for unbuckling my boots on the lift, and sent me back to the shop to get some work done.
Yesterday, he had me ski with all four buckles undone on an intermediate slope. Once I got my upper body into the right position, I ski'd as well as usual. Unless you have circulation problems that are congenital, then you should not get cold feet, and should be comfortable in your recreational boots.
In boots for racing, its a little different. Most racers have two pair of boots (at least) one for rec skiing, and one for true racing.
Don't compromise. You should be able to ski in your boots on a 15 degree day for at least 3 hours before you need to take them off. If you can't do that, then there's more fitting to be done.

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