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Well, it's Saturday morning here in Ashby Massachusetts. I woke up to 6 inches of white fluffy powder outside and now another couple more on top of that. I'm 20 miles northeast of the mountain. I wonder what it's doing there?

Now I know what it's like to manic-depressive. Wednesday, 18 inches of heavy wet snow. Wednesday night into Tuesday 2.5 inches of torrential rains washing away all that heavy wet snow. Friday, 33'F and gray sky. Saturday 8 inches of snow.

Okay God, I give up, you win, please make up your mind.
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Anyone coming up tonight stop by the shack at the top and say hi.  I will be on the polar Express side til dinner. Red jacket with a cross,Dave M
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My guess is closing is 3/28 as the employee party is the next Saturday 4/3.
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Beautiful bluebird spring skiing yesterday at the Wa!

Lots to do around the house this weekend, but couldn't pass up a 1/2 day with such a gorgeous day on tap.  Temps right around freezing when the lifts started turning at 8:00.  Soft, sugary groomers to start the day.  As temps climbed the snow softened into nice spring corn.  Soft bumps started developing on upper Smith and 10th.  Had to go in around 10 to peel some layers off.

Crowds surprisingly non-existent.  Was concerned as they were running day 2 of the adult league championships (the Good Race), but never more than a couple minutes wait in the singles line.  Had to watch out for the rental crowd floundering in the soft snow, but if you picked your timing you could almost have a run to yourself.

Spoke with a patroller on the lift who thought April 4th would be closing day as the pond skimming is scheduled for the 3rd.
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They were definitely (as of a week ago) planning on being open through 4/3-4/4.

Of course, if this weather keeps up there might not be any snow by then!
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I remember a lot of weeks late season Wa when I left Saturday thinking there's no way they can even open Sunday and then went back Sunday and it was fine.  Some how the have a way to push the snow around to keep trails open.  It really amazes me sometimes.  For the most part I think they groom the #$% out of Wa way tooooo much all season long.   But the last two or three weeks of the season, it really does make the place worth skiing.

I just wish they left the flippin' bumps up on 10th.  So what if they were a disaster after that storm.  One 50* day an a hundred skiers later and they'd be perfect.

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I might be up for one last go next Sunday first chair....1/2 day only

Then again my Sunday morning tennis grudge matches might begin anew, but I don't venture onto a tennis court now unless it is at least 55....

I'll PM ya later in the week OES
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OES and I went up to Wachusett for some night skiing on the 9th.  Given that it's been 50 degrees during the day lately we figured we'd be in for some awesome slush skiing.  OES brought his Watea's and I brought along my Speedwave's because I figured skiing slush on skinny skis added a bit of challenge.  

Rode up the lift, got off, and very quickly found that it wasn't slush at all.  It was that sandy / sugary crap on top of something really really solid.  So in about two turns, OES realized that the Watea's might not have been the best choice for the evening.  Not that my Speedwave's were a good choice either, but at least I had edge grip.

First couple runs I felt like a total spaz, but I slowly got the hang of skiing random sugar piles with ice chunks mixed in.  Smith actually had sugar pile bumps going on the steep section above the road, which I really enjoyed, and OES didn't kill me for wanting to keep doing laps on them.

It was a fun evening, even if conditions were the polar opposite of what I was expecting. ("very good for you" as opposed to "good").  Afterwords we enjoyed the best part of the evening:  a beer. 
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Note to self: Slush freezes when the sun goes down in early March

The Wateas are new this season, so I've been all excited to try them out in spring slop ... and they were the perfect tool for the job on Sunday.  Not quite the right choice for the conditions last night ... but I'm not sure the Race SC's would have been any better (crampons and an ice axe might have worked ).

My moments of brilliance were very few and far between last night, but Ullr did smile on me a couple of times ... and at least I wasn't freezing my butt off (although I think a rattled a filling loose on one run).  In spite of my lack of skills in the bumps, I did enjoy following Kevin down Smith ... which was a hockey rink with piles of sand pushed up.  I'm sure my thrashing was entertaining for Kevin and I think I did manage to get a couple of linked turns on at least one of the runs!

Overall an "interesting" night ... but as they say a bad night of skiing is still much better than a good day at work ... and there's always beer!
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 I skied those Smith bumps yesterday morning.  Ugly!
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Patrolled last night and met up with Mathias for a couple of runs down Smith. First run down was lets say awkward but after a couple more things actually started flowing a bit.Lapped that for a while then switched to Tenth. The bimps down the middle were kind of fun,you just had to watch out for some of the rentals faceplanting due to snowsnakes in the form of sugar piles.All in all made the best of it,at least the skis were sliding down hill!
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Looks like I am out.....6 days only on snow this year and only at Wa....(but they were all good days except day 1 with SMJ and KevinF where I ski'd like a dog!)

Next year my life will be more under control.

Skis are all lined up in the basement for their summer coat of wax....my daughter starts golf practice Tuesday so she in done and spring will be sprung after this nasty rain event.

My golf, tennis and roadbiking jones will be up huge. Plus I really geared up on new high end photography gear so I am itching to go do a lot of birding. Finally bought my A 700 with vertical grip I have been drooling over for 3 years and I am up to a quiver of 6 Minolta Maxxum lenses.  Work is too much, but the sweet bonus funded all.

See you all next year and thanks to all our new contributors for making this "epic" epicski thread even more fun to read than before!

Next year we should be able to get a nice gathering of friends together!

Thanks again everyone.

hrstrat57 out!
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I only got a chance to take a few runs with a few of you this year, maybe I will get a chance to see the rest of the Epicski group at WaWa next year.There is still a couple of weeks left(I hope!)however.
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So is WaWa done for the year or what?
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 Wachusett is far from done.  Just got back from an amazing morning of skiing.  Everything is covered, a bit icy on the upper mountain in the morning.  Lower mountain lift had perfect snow at 8:50 when they let me on.

AND....... Upper Smith Walton is an edge to edge bump run.  Great bumps, not like the awful machine made bumps they usually have on 10th.  Natural bumps with snow on them, not icy, nice shape.  Steep at the top, moderate at the bottom.  I just couldn't believe I was skiing at Wachusett.  Skied them 10 times.  Bigger then the photo makes them look.Smith Walton bumps
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Hey, cool pic SMJ! I can't believe we haven't been to Wa all season, I kind of miss the place even though we're headed west on Thursday for about 10 days. And I'm really sorry we didn't get to ski with you guys this year. Who knows, hrstrat, maybe we'll get a freaky snowy early April and we'll get there yet!
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Excellent picture,cannot believe that is Smith,finally.That is what that  trail should look like. Anyone going up tomorrow night,stop by the patrol shackand say hi. Starting off on the Polar Express side til dinner.Looking forward to skiing with more of the WaWa crew.
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 Yeah IQ I'm sorry we didn't ski together as well.  I bet you guys have made as much progress this year as I have.  The better we get the faster we progress (those of us that are trying to progress that is!)

But you should cancel your Western trip and ski Southern New England.


Doubt that hrsrtat will be back on snow this year, tennis and golf are calling him. B'East will probably close Sunday, Wachusett probably on April 4th.
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Originally Posted by Daveski7 View Post

Excellent picture,cannot believe that is Smith,finally.
I couldn't believe it either.  Even after 10 runs I kept stopping to say to people who were on it, "are we at Wachusett?"

Never ski nights so we won't get to meet, enjoy the skiing!
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Next year I am moving my son to Sundays on the Dev team and will spend most of the day up there.Maybe we could hook up and make some turns then.I will try to enjoy the last couple of weeks of Spring skiing however.Then it is time to chase the little white ball around for a while!!

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Maybe real early season, early in the morning, but otherwise I ski Berkshire East on the weekends.  Tue. and Thu. mornings are my usual Wachusett times.

Have fun!

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 Cheesy video, but it certainly proves the point!

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Great skiing last night,Smith was a lot of fun til' about 6:30, then it got a little crispy for lack of a better term.The other side stayed soft enough to still have a good time.Still a whole lot of snow left despite the rain and warm temps.
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Considering a last fling at the Wa Saturday before they close for the season.  1/2 day planned, but cooler temps may make conditions worth sticking around into the afternoon.  Anyone else planning on heading up?
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 I could be there for the morning, it would be great actually.  Can you confirm you're doing it?
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Bag's packed, skis in the car ... see ya in the am!
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Have fun guys! RISKier and I have been out in Summit County this week, but we're still missing our ski buds from Wa and the B'East!

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 Change of plans, sorry won't be there.
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 I have a good excuse, really.  Have to stay home with my SO for her sake.  Tomorrow is likely however if anyone wants to join me.
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