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OMG!! it is really quiet after 6!
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Evenings during holidays are one emptiest times at Wa.

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Anyone going up tonight, stop by the summit patrol shack and say hi,conditions should be great
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I may be up. I'm trying to unhook myself from work.

I'll knock on the shack door if I can break out of here.


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Probably the absolute best conditions of the year. It was actually very busy,even for a non school group night. the rest of the year should be quiet though. We shall meet some time,  Dave
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I got stuck working. Conditions are excellent?

Maybe if I tell the wife I'm snaeking out to go drinking with my girlfriend, ...then I can sneak off and go skiing and she won't know....

Translation = Or maybe I can try again for tonight.
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Visited wa today.

Arrived about 0720, parked in row 1, nice leisurely boot up and grabbed our first chair at about 0755.

Took a run down my favorite trail at wa (Hitchcock) and then up the main lift for several runs on the main mountain hitting every trail at least once.

Everything was picture perfect corduroy and as always the best part about arriving early was several runs with no one on the trail, ski up to the lift and enjoy - even during a crazy busy holiday week!

The mob began arriving about 915 and by 1030 the lines became intolerable.....we hung out at Vickory Bowl where it is always ski up with no line and did drills and worked on technique for about an hour or so and agreed it had been a bluebird day.

An added bonus - my newly acquired via ebay ski'd once Tecnica TNT Explosion 8's did not blow up and ski'd perfectly. I was very, very happy.

Entering the lodge revealed complete total chaos, zombie children walking into walls, crying toddlers screaming for their daddys, obnoxious parents who are afraid of the gnar of Wachusett spread out hogging tables reading or wifi'g while waiting for their darlings to return for lunch.  Sat at a table to take boots off where one of the non skiing parents was claiming territory and we received looks to kill. A miserable lodge dweller is the creepiest creature in skiing. I ignore these evil beings rather then risk assimilating their bad karma.

Nasty, yuk.....the dreadful side of skiing in living technicolor.

To the front desk for the ticket clip to get $10 back and then after a short visit at Strand's in Worcester continuing my quest for a new high end ski coat we spent a good chunk of the $10 enjoying our traditional stop at Honey Dew on RT 146.

Outstanding day!
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Glad you had a great day. The lodge is too small for the crowds.


The wild beast, known and the lodge knome, can be a scary beast... especially the ones with knitting needles.. they're evil. Dangerous!


Do you want to hear my stories again about the Hot-dog shack out in front of where Challenger is today? That was "the lodge".. that and the ski shop where the main ski patrol building is today. We could go in there to warm up.. until we got chased out. It wasn't warm anyway.. just broke the wind a bit.


But the lodge is just too small. They should eliminate the bar, and all of the reserved space (oh, sorry private suites) they have upstairs, that might help a bit. They just need more lodge. But regardless of the lodge, watch out for the sceaming zombies.. oh, and my favorite... the TBM (that's what I called all my teenaged daughters boy friends) Teenage Boyfriend Monster.

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Knitting lodge gnomes.....also truly evil.
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 Sorry I couldn't be there to ski with you hrstrat.  I'm stuck out here in Colorado skiing in deep dry powder.
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post


Knitting lodge gnomes.....also truly evil.


Totally Evil! ...and extremely Dangerous!
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I like the no offensive holding and no defensive holding signs on the tables.  Too bad no one pays attention. 

The lodge wouldn't be crowded if parents did try to hold four chairs for their kids that are out skiing so they have a place to sit for a 10 minute break.

If people didn't hog unused chairs, there would always be a place to sit.  And then ... people wouldn't have to hog unused chairs.

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 Pardon my ignorance but looking at the traffic on the Wachusett forum, is it the case that most folks on epic are from the East? And actually live in Pennsylvania - I think that is where the Wachusett is, but please feel free to correct my impression/misimpression. 
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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post

 Pardon my ignorance but looking at the traffic on the Wachusett forum, is it the case that most folks on epic are from the East? And actually live in Pennsylvania - I think that is where the Wachusett is, but please feel free to correct my impression/misimpression. 

I don't think most forum members are from the east. I do think they are mainly but not always in North America. Some Europeans but not many. I have no idea what the demographics of the readership here is.

Wachusett is in north central Massachusetts. About 6 miles north and west of Boston. It is a small mountain, or a large hill. http://www.wachusett.com/  Elevation 2000 feet and vertical drop 1000 feet. But it has a huge local population being so close to Boston and so many college campuses in the Boston and Worcester area. it's a great little mountain with fantastic snow making and a couple of high speed quads.
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I sat down in one of the said "reserved chairs" recently to take off my boots and leave.

A demon female knitting lodge knome almost attacked me and debowled me with her demon knitting needles.


I looked her in the eye bravely (thats the trick, don't let on your scared of them... just like rabid dogs) and told her, "I'm leaving as soon as I take my boots off."


That seemed to quell her anger for a few minutes. I hustled out quickly before she attacked. Phew.. it was scary!!

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 thank you SRL, got it
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When that happens just ask politely - "Oh was someone sitting here?  When will they be back?  Would you mind if  I just rest for a minute and take off my boots.  I just had a liver transplant and I am so glad to be back on the slopes but wow I am hurtin.  I'll just be a tick. Thanks. You're a daisy."

If that does not work try "STFU you supid cow before I shove that/those: book, knitting needles, computer, iphone, latte, fake nails...up your size 0-20 patootie.  I'll be out ouf your way in a minute, Toots.

Don't forget the"Toots" part.  By the time their eyes stop buggin out and or their "Mike  -The situation" boyfriend returns, you are outta there.
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What a beautiful day today at WaWa,allbeit,crowded as heck. An epiphony none the less.My four year old made his first three runs off the tether,what a proud moment!!!!!!  One each down Ralph's,Challenger, and Hitchcock.Time to give the snowplow a rest and let them see that Dad can actually ski(at least in my mind).Racer256, I see you have been through this rodeo before and I know exactly what you mean.Especially the latter part.
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I shot some video yesterday with a $12 Ebay spy cam rigged up to my helmet.  Had it angled down a bit too much so you see mostly snow.  But a video of skiing the bump farm came out pretty good.

Here's the video -- www.youtube.com/watch

See this Epic tread for details -- www.epicski.com/forum/thread/92306/my-12-ebay-helmet-cam
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Excellent! Thanks you!!

Brought me back some years ago when I was young, flexible, agile and much less cautious.. and when that's all you got on the whole mountain back then, prior to the grooming that goes on today.

We need more WaWa videos!

Great job!!
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Wow that is pretty sharp vid for a cheapo cam!  Nice.

Here is a vid from yesterday of my 4 yo eating it big time in the NASTAR course.

He is fine and was pretty tough about it!  He skipped his final run.

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Looks like the link didn't come out correctly on the NASTAR video.

My kid hasn't tried gates yet.  He's kinda excited to start learning park stuff.  My guess he'll be more of a free skier than a technical skier.

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Hmmm.  Playing on my comp.
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 I find that often videos don't show up for me, just a white blank area.  Then if I refresh the page they do.

Mac/Snow Leopard/Safari.
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Embedded videos never work for me.  That's why I post links.  Using FF 3.5.x
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Went to WaWa on the 23rd with OldEasternSkier.  It was rather foggy on the upper half of the mountain at first.  It was also raining, sleeting and snowing, so depending on your current elevation, you were either skiing in a snowstorm (nice) or getting pelted in the face by rain and sleet (not so nice).

As the evening went on, the fog settled lower on the mountain and the rain/sleet changed over to all snow.  Visibility was low, but there was nobody else around, at least that I could see. 

The bumps on "middle" were actually fairly skiable -- i.e., they were fairly soft by WaWa standards.  I skied them a couple times; OES being older and wiser then me would go around.  He kept missing my 720s, backflips, etc. in the fog though.  

Last run was down "right" (I call the trails from the top "left", "middle", and "right" since I can't ever keep their real names straight).  I couldn't see a thing, but probably two inches or so of snow had fallen by then, so it was pretty sweet.

Drive home down Rt. 2 took a while, but once I passed I-190, it changed over to r-a-i-n and from there it was an easy cruise home.
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I left last night at 8:30 after teaching a 7:30 so there was only maybe .5-1" new when I left.  Drive was a breeze as the road was still warm and it changed to all rain by the time I got to Bolton on 117.

I ended up getting bumped by three snowboarders last night in the course of less than an hour.  Twice on the top of Smith where it's narrow.  Gosh forbid I should actually want to "make turns" on a trail when the snowboarders want to go straight by me fast.  

I'm sorry but if you have to yell "On your right" and assume the person in front of you will turn left so you don't hit them, you are out of control.  Please re-read rule #2.  Then re-read rule #1.  Then take a lesson and learn to freakin' turn.



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Yesterday morning I was snowblowing 12 inches here in Ashby, last night I had to snowblow another 6 inches of rain soaked mush.

Now today it's pouring rain all day! What a mess! Must be turning the mountain into a river.
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Did you ski at all last night?First half of the night I sat and watched a bunch of crazies attempt to ski in the pouring rain on Minuteman side,some wearing nothing more than thermals with a t-shirt over it.  The second half of the night was not half bad,made about a dozen runs through the bumps and honestly was pretty fun.  The rest of the run was another story,a mix of hard pack,ruts and sierra cement.Overall, better than getting rained out.  Today is not helping the situation at all,only time will tell how much they lose up there.They will eventually groom it all out and we  will be back in business,have faith.
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Ya i was snowboarding that day... I wish I had my skis instead. The bumps and ungroomed junk was wicked fun but not in the rain...
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