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hey who's to say they still wouldn't give you $5 back and you'd ski until 12:30 for $14?

I won't be there all day, but I'll be there first chair.

Anyone on the fence here's the deal. Yes it's not a challenging mountain - but snobbery is for other things - not for skiing!

It is still a LOT of fun and believe me you can get going fast, or make lots of short turns (or both) and get lots of verts in. I got in 10,000 vertical feet yesterday in 1:20! And it was a total gas. Sure I'd prefer skiing Vail (will be in a few weeks too!) but Wachusett is a good mountain, it's not a tiny hill.

Let's go Massachusetts 1.0 is on, and this is going to be a fun group, I can't wait!
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post
Let's go Massachusetts 1.0 is on, and this is going to be a fun group, I can't wait!
There it is, let it be noted SMJ said it first not me

It's his thread tho, so it is what it is....



let's get the list going.....
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ice queen
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in keeping with epic traditions, copy that list and add your name to it if you're coming and paste the results into a new post.

oldeasterskier? marcusfire? riskier? sky? learn2turn (take a day off work and join us!)
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I'd love to join the crew on 2/2. But after a 2 week ski vacation I just can't do it. So, I'll have to experience it vicariously through Ice Queen. Anyone going to be a Wa this Sunday morning?
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Weekends are at Berkshire East for me. Great mountain and doesn't get crowded. http://www.berkshireeast.com
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Originally Posted by RISkier View Post
Anyone going to be a Wa this Sunday morning?
I hope to get there Sunday. I need to run some gates. I'll post if I can nail an arrival time.

Raced tonight. Still banging around in the Bronze Zone. :< Still having fun, still feel like I'm getting better in the gates...need to shave another second for Silver.

I was overdressed...too many layers. After my two race-runs, I hit the summit for 6 runs or so. The cold kept the crowds down. Smith was closed for some sort of racing set-up. 10th was good. Conifer was also very good, but you could see where the unconfisent folks had scraped off the cover. Nothing good edges couldn't handle.

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I'm looking forward to 2/2. Sky, we'll be there on Sunday with hrstrat, hope to see you then.
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My "other" life is screwing up my skiing :

Hoping to make it up Sunday 2/28, but my in-laws are coming for a visit. I may get there for some morning turns, but probably won't make the whole day.

I've got to be in Ottawa for business next Thurs (2/1). My flight back is scheduled for Friday am and arrives Boston @ 8:00. If I drive straight up, I should be on the slopes by 9:30 ... as long as the meetings don't spill into Friday : .
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Wachusett Mountain, MA 1-28-07 Wachusett Mountain Sunday 1/28/2007

hrstrat57 and 3 barking bears (and 2 little barking bears for a few runs too)

A little late arriving today, first ride up about 0805....one warmup run on challenger then to the top for about 3 runs on 10th( Smith was closed for racing) In a word fantastic high speed cruising to be had, just nice.

3 runs on Conifer, nice...third time down a bit of "styrofoam" appeared in the center of trail after the first bend, but nothing my razor sharp RX 8's couldn't handle. Ranger on duty was yelling at me as I went by first run down.

Back to minuteman to finish the 1/2 day, Hitchcock(my favorite at wa) was butter some nice bumps and jumps set up, sweet!! Took a couple cool down runs on the vickery bowl triple to escape the building crowds below.....half of vickory bowl was closed for wmrt training. One run down Ralph's just to check it out, huge traffic jam most of the way down, which is what Ralph's is about on w/e...that's ok, folks gotta start somewhere. Ralph's is the place to do your drills.....

There is snow everywhere, wa should be all set for a long season (finally)

Out at about 1130 as wait approached 20 minutes.

I like wa.

A lot....but it ain't worth a 20 minute wait...

Collected the $5 rebate for 1/2 day and out.

Nice day......

The coconut jelly stick at Honey Dew on 146 S was nice on the way home too!!!

Half pipe was being cut as we left....should be on line for next week.....
How 'bout we just shaddap and ski?

check out the free demo team videos www.amsao.it www.snowproab.com = ski better now!!

__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ ________________

The above was cross posted on alpine zone in the trip report section, just sharing the love with our friends there

Thanks Oldeasternskier with his 2 little barking OES sweet skiing bearsIce Queen and Riskier for an awesome ski day.

Thanks huge for the egg mcmuffin, jelly donut and the free coffee yoose folks can ride in my new little soobie ski mobile anytime(and the AWD came in handy didn't it this morning?)

OES called Riskier "risky skier" what a wordsmith!!

He is one funny bear!!!

we forgot to take a picture

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Can't add much to hrstrat's trip report. Snow conditions and coverage were very good. I was a little annoyed that Smith Walton was closed for racing and one of the trails in Vickery (SP?) bowl was closed for race training. Conditions were pretty amazing given the almost complete absence of natural snow. Ice Queen and I had a great day and, given the slippery roads, it was nice riding up in an all wheel drive subie. Thanks much for driving, hrstrat! Would've liked to have spent more time with Oldeasternskier and his lads. Next time. Lift line for our last ride up was a good 20 minutes and the lodge was a mad house as we were leaving. All in all, a great day!
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Sorry I missed out. Ended up doing the "Wuality Hang" with the fam. Two of the boys came home for the weekend and despite intentions of hitting the slopes....we all were enjoying the extended breakfast, brunch, movies, goup participation in making stew....more eating, more movies. A quality day OFF the snow.

Looking towards Friday AM...although I may have to bite the bullet and go to Cannon Wednesday before #3 son starts his new job. If I take Wednesday off....Friday AM is in jeapordy. I'll keep you posted.
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Blue skies, warm temps, edge-to-edge coverage on most trails and 2 happy young-uns ... what's not to like !

Thought it was going to be a solo trip, but LES (Little Eastern Skier) and YES (Young Eastern Skier) decided Friday to forgo the extra sleep and join me for a day on the slopes.

"What he said" to hrstrat's description of the conditions. I'll just add that Roper's Road (a narrow jug handle that loops off the top of Conifer) was open and made for a great slalom exercise as we were forced to weave between downed snowboarders and skiers scattered across the trail :. (A good trail to avoid on the weekends)

Lunch on the deck and a few runs down the Vickery Bowl (short trails, but no lift lines) and we checked out about 2:00.

With the young-uns aboard, didn't spend much time with the Bears, but looking forward to correcting that at Let's Go MA 1
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Looking good for Friday:

ice queen
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Adding my name to the list ... may be a late start as I'm catching an early am flight back from Ottawa, but I plan on being there!!

ice queen
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could it be?

wow just checked the weather long range forecast.......

friday? could it be?

powder day?

are the new chubby skis goin on the roof for the ride up?

wooooo hoooo?

only 5 names on the list: thats' not a gathering!!

I thought this was LET'S GO MASSACHUSETTS I??

SMJ said so.. more bears needed.....

c ya'll friday:
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Got the $19 ticket. Huzzah! There are still some left, BTW.

Found the Rodeway & Town Crier online. Looking good!
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Well...I've got some work pals that are not "registered" bears...but are thinking that by Thursday night...they will be *cough cough* Sick. *smirk*

So...if I can get loose from the noose, that would make 8. And if I go...#3 son will be there as well.

I'm trying NOT to get too excited about these two fronts (Wed and Fri).

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Snow for Friday?

Do any of you guys know if there has yet been a "real" snow at Wachusett this year? They have a contest to guess the date of the first "storm," which I think they define as four inches or more. My guess is that no one has won it since they haven't had four inches at one time yet.

My guess is Friday, February 2. Yippee!!!
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Originally Posted by Ice Queen View Post
Do any of you guys know if there has yet been a "real" snow at Wachusett this year? They have a contest to guess the date of the first "storm," which I think they define as four inches or more. My guess is that no one has won it since they haven't had four inches at one time yet.

My guess is Friday, February 2. Yippee!!!
Not more than a dusting of an inch or two a few times so far this season.

Friday's forecast may yield 3-5".
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I heard from grooming that the bumps on 10th went in last night. I'll have to check them out tonight.

The web site is messed up so wasn't able to check which trails were open. Says 21 of 22 but can't get the details. Somehow I doubt RR is open (as stated above) as it's pretty far from Connie to drag the hoses in like they do on UBR. If only one tail is unopen I would guess its RR; maybe they opened LBR in the last day.
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Good NEws/Bad News.

Good...I finally scored SIlver medal status last night. A long time coming! Fianally shaved that one second (and a little more). YES the bumps are in on 10th....looking good (if you like that sort of thing). Snow was pretty sweet last night. My forst warm-up run was down Frannies. ALL TO MYSELF! Love that trail.

Bad...Well, obviously if I'm posting, I didn't make it to Wa this morning. Duty called (letterally). I'll explain when I quite overpromising and under-delivering on these get togethers.

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I didn't come down Connie last night but the report indeed says LBR is open but RR is not.

Think I might have seen you a few groups ahead in liftline but I ended up having to run to lineup.
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Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
Think I might have seen you a few groups ahead in liftline but I ended up having to run to lineup.
HEH! Duuuuude....you KNOW there's no maybe on this one. If there was a guy whose head and shoulders were above the crowd....it was me.
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wa 2/2/07

you guys really missed out!

wa was awesome today......I can't brag enuff. Just butter everywhere, all day. Thanks huge to Marcusfire, Skimangojazz, and Ice queen for a fantastic day of skiing. We really missed OES who got tied up on the job.

It was a blast! We sure did some laps.....no wait in line all day, midweek skiing is fantastic. Get out there and get some.

Special thanks to Marcusfire who drove all day home to Pennsylvania after skiing with us at wachusett.

I don't know what to say, except thanks

Finally, ski'd the 175 RX 8's all day yesterday. Fantastic tuning job by SMJ, they were amazing. I'll bump the we switched and compared thread with my detailed impressions sometime soon....

SMJ liked em too, I told him he would....:

Maybe I'll get some 180's next....
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Hrstrat is right, it was awesome. Here's a picture:

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It's a good thing I couldn't make it cause my ugly mug would've just ruined a nice picture of four friendly bears. And besides, they don't have a 5-seat lift. We were going to drive to Sunapee tomorrow but it's a drive and just decided we'd go to Wa instead. We figured if the wind chills are really bad we're not loosing much driving to Wa. Will anyone else be there? I know, last minute, I'll check back in a couple of hours.

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Wachusett is such an interesting place. Mellow longish runs, nothing challenging, but steep enough that you can get going fast. Great to work on technique or just have fun confident skiing. I left earlier than the rest of the bears but got 21 runs in and 18,500 vertical feet by about 12:30 (as shown on my Alterra watch!)

I found the 175's to be more stable and not hard to turn at all. I don't mean stable in terms of chattering, but less tip wandering, more edge hold.

Ice Queen is skiing really well, Marcus Fire looked really good too - and hrstrat - what can I say? He just soars down the mountain (although this time not always ahead of me.)

Skied at the 'beast today and it is so much more challenging, steeper, and less consistent pitch both side to side and up and down. Great skiing there too.

Thanks for another epic day.
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GREAT trip m'new friends! Snow conditions were Eastern-excellent: Groomed/Packed powder, no hard pack, scrape off nor ice till after noon. Nice mix of trails:

- straight-down blue/black work on your technique
- biddy-bop into some narrow tree-lined escapes
- nice & easy "hey-newbies-lookie-this-is-how-it's-done"
- WHOA! Did I just catch some air?

A happy little story for me: I had been skiing old school for the last 10 years. SMJ & HR talked me into getting some brand-spankin' new Fischer RX8s (thanks for the deal, dawg) this year. I've been playing with them and getting progressively warmed up to them. I was skiing on '97 191cm Volkl Cravers prior to this.

These skis are awesome. When I lean into my turns, they put out and push me over. Although none of my coaches got to see it , the skis were delivering.

SMJ & HR were generous with their info & techniques.

Ice Queen . . . Thanks for being someone who could talk on my level when Ski-Einstein and Ice-ic Newton were getting a little too technical.

The only downside was all the freakin' gum-flappin' . . . Can you boys pleeeeze just SHADDUP & SKI!!!!!!!!!!

To anyone who wasn't there: I'm only making good, clean fun of HR & SMJ . . . They are delightful gents to ski with.

Hey Risky-skier - sorry we missed ya . . . the little woman told us some things about you that the group might've appreciated. (safety first )

All-in-all a great trip and we need to get together again.

BTW . . . 8 hours from Wa to York, PA . . . though it would've been quicker if the weather had been nicer. Then again, I'm not going to register any REAL complaints about snow.
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He just soars down the mountain (although this time not always ahead of me.)
Ahem . . . the only time HR (AKA please take my pass) wasn't in front of all of us was when he was skiing on yer toy skis for a run or two.

HR . . I passed you on 290 south cause I figgered what-the-hell . . . you'd been passing me all day.
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