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I still have my no 1 pair and I stuffed these liners into another pair of Tecnica TNT explosion 8 shells.


...but the liners in the no 1 pair of boots are starting to pack....time to begin the quest soon....or try some aftermarket liners maybe.....shells in no 1 pair are still nearly mint.


Racer 256 the skis survived but took a long time to pluck all the orange plastic chips out of the binding heal pcs....

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I am new to the forums but not to skiing. I live in central MA and would so enjoy an opportunity to go skiing with you all (or some) sometime. Do any of you have plans this weekend to shred slopes?

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I am usually there with my boys sat am.  Pm me sometime.

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I was at Wachusett on the morning of Feb. 14th.  Comfortable temperatures, but fairly breezy.


Snow conditions on the trails off the summit chair were really good, especially considering the thaw / rain / refreeze cycle we've just had.  I don't think I ever hit a patch of truly "hard" "snow" once.  They must have been blowing snow and grooming like crazy.  I was really impressed.


Trails off the other, lower, quad were a little scratchy -- i.e., bring some sharp edges, but the stuff still held beautifully.


Best part -- there was nobody there!  I figured I'd ski until 9:30 or 10:00 or so and then when the crowds arrived, I'd go home.  I left around 10:45 and was still waiting at most one or two chairs to board the lift.  Not quite "skate on" but still amazingly empty for a Saturday morning.

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ya I found that the surface was pretty good/springlike last Wednesday when we did our weekly night ski.  It was quite warm then though - ended up really sloppy and wet by the end of the night.


We need some more precip or for them to turn on the guns for at least one more good session for vacation week.  I don't know the plans but ... too much more of this warm weather and it'll be getting quite bony on some of my favorites.


I think there's a possibility of something Weds/Thurs of this week too so keep your fingers crossed.  Feb/Mar are traditionally big snow months, although I don't put much faith in historical trends in this day and age anymore.

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Skiing the wa both tomorrow (Wed.) and Thursday mornings.  Booting up by the men's room 8:15ish.


Anyone want to join me? 

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I should be in for a half day.....thanks SMJ

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Absolutely perfect packed powder conditions this morning at the wa.  15,000 vertical feet in 2 hours.  10 degrees all morning.  Started getting crowded by 11.  Once I had to avoid 2 back to back sudden stop and sit down snowboarders on 10th, I was outathere! 


Back in the morning for more!

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Great 1/2 day skiing today with SMJ........no pics sorry, skiing was too good for posing.....or stopping to snap pics. Used my free day ticket from the boot explosion day mentioned previously in this thread.....


Main mountain was getting scratched off in spots when we focused most of our attention on Hitchcock..... my favorite anyway as all who follow this thread know. Diverted over to Fannie's from Hitchcock a few times and mixed in a couple of runs on Challenger. Conditions on those trails remained fabulous right up till noon.


Thanks SMJ it was good to see you, you are skiing beautifully. I even enjoyed talking LTE on the lift with you despite my missing signature......


where are the signatures?

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Thanks for the compliment hrstrat, it was really fun today.  That last run following in your tracks was a blast, clean railroad tracks the whole way down.


Signatures are gone in this version of epic, but hey we got avatars!




Big Toe keep on rolling,


Weird not having any RX8's around though.


Think snow my friend - there's a storm or two still to come this year!

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LOL I just picked up my newly hot rodded bike....check out the sweet new wheels.


Don't want no more snow down here!!! Hoping it all melts Saturday so I can resume my tennis grudge matches Sunday too!


On the other hand still have 1 more freebie for wa that needs to be used.....and really would like to get to the beast.....


Might be 55 sunday!



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After much "should we go or shouldn't we go" discussion cause of the warm weather IQ and I finally decided last night that we'd go.  Conditions were powder/packed powder.  Oh, that was a few days ago when we were at work.  Temps on my car read 51 in the lot.  Started as mostly hero snow, turning to spring conditions, and by the time we left there were spots from which one could have made a very fine snow cone if they had some fruit syrup.  In a few places there were small rivers.  Crowds were light and we were able to run lap after lap.  Got a lot of skiing in before having our tickets snipped for the half day refund.  Snow cover there is really taking a big hit.

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RISkier left out an important detail of our trip -- Hrstrat, that Subway we always hit on the way home is gone!

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I been doin jelly sticks at honey dew on 146 this season....


Healthier for you.


I took that sweet bike above for it's first spin on the SC bike path  today.....went slow thru the few puddles so as not to get the new wheels wet yet.....really nice to get out for the first time!


Then I played 9 at Rose Hill Golf Course.


Pretty good day for me.....almost as good as skiing...next weekend, weather permitting my Sunday morning tennis grudge matches start.


Hope that wa freebie I have is still good for November.......


See you folks on the bike path soon I bet!  Glad you had one more good day of skiing.


Now that I think about it, I don't think we hooked up once this year......shame that...we'll do better next season.....

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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post




Now that I think about it, I don't think we hooked up once this year......shame that...we'll do better next season.....

 Season is not over yet ;)


Still time left.



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I'll be there tomorrow (Friday) doing the Ride em and Rank em demo thing for the store. 

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I'll be there tomorrow Friday to :)



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We're headed north for my spring break week, but ya, don't give up yet hrstrat! We skied in April at Sunapee last year.

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The pond-skimming is scheduled for Sunday 4/5 so I guess that's the scheduled last day.


I heard they actually made a little snow on the cold nights this week.

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Any Bears want to come up to the Skichair.com Suite tomorrow and say hello, I will be up there with my posse.  Ask for Pat (GM Racing Operations Skichair.com.)

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It's Official!!

Wachusett is set to open for the 09/10 season Tuesday 12/8 at Noon!  (WROD on Conifer, but it'll be good to have some skiing south of the NH line)

Not sure if I'm going to make it for opening day, but hope to see a TR from one of the Bears.

So I guess the more important question is ... Do we start a new thread for the '09 season or keep this classic going? (I know where my vote goes!)
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 Way to bump it oes!  Let's keep this thread going.

I'll be there, you?

Tue. and Thu mornings first chair is my plan this year (again.)
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Don't forget, Race league kick off party is Thursday night up in the Coppertop.

Hope Weds storm gives us what we need!
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

 Way to bump it oes!  Let's keep this thread going.

I'll be there, you?

Tue. and Thu mornings first chair is my plan this year (again.)

Finishing up some projects at work this week . Won't make opening day (unless I head up tonight), but planning on Friday AM.  I might be convinced to play hooky Thurs AM if we get some real snow on Wed!

I'm off the week before Xmas, so we should plan on hooking up for some runs then!
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Yippee!!! It's been too long of a wait this year. RISkier and I are planning to head up to Bretton this weekend, or we'd be skiing the WROD at Wa for sure. I'm definitely hoping for some significant cover from the storm tomorrow before it changes over to rain. Fingers crossed.....it would be great to get together with all you guys again soon!
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 Just got back from 2 hours of skiing at the wa.  It was good to be on snow again.  Only one trail, Conifer, top to bottom, edge to edge.  Pretty good conditions.  Needless to say it got a bit crowded being the only trail, but not too bad.

Forecast is for snow then rain tomorrow however, not a good thing.

I can't do Friday, but pending conditions being ruined by the rain will be there Thursday first chair.  Then training this weekend at the 'Beast which opens on the 19th.
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 Got at least 8" of snow (I live in the next town over) but it's starting to turn to sleet, then supposedly rain.  Plan is not to go tomorrow now, but may be able to go Friday.

oes, you up for Friday?
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SKied last night 12/10.  FIRM packed pow top to bottom on Conifer.  Crowd not too bad!
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 Had a great morning of skiing with Oldeasternskier this morning.  Excellent conditions on Conifer, not crowded at all.  Probably going to go up tomorrow morning as Berkshire East isn't open yet.  First chair at 8, out by 10 or so before the zoo opens.
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