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I'm going to PM a mod and ask them to just take the year off the thread title.

I may go both days, we'll see. Still only Wed.
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Notice the thread title is changed, thanks Philpug! May it live on.
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Nice to see this thread come back to life. Don't think IQ and I will make it this weekend. We've got a date to get yard work done Saturday and we've been talking about going to the Boston Ski Expo on Sunday. I'll be interested in seeing some trip reports.
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Woo Hoo! It's back ... my favorite EpicSki thread!!

I was hiking Watatic in shorts last Saturday. 65 degrees and raining and nary a speck of white on Wachusett. Hard to believe the WROD is going to be open a week later!!

I'm up for at least 1 morning this weekend. Agree with hrstrat that Hitchcock would make it much more fun, but hey .. turns is turns!

The long range forecast says temps are going to be favorable for overnight snowmaking right through the end of the month so hopefully they'll get more terrain online quickly.

Can't wait!!!

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Riskier, you won't believe it but I paid somebody to vacuum up my leaves!!! $275, local guy I can hook you up with the name and number if you like.....I will never rake em again!!! You gotta see it, amazing!!

OES Sunday is better for me.....but we can discuss. SMJ usually clears out by 10....I'd rather not drive 2 hrs ea way to ski alone(tho I have many times) so I hope we can hook up....I'd prob wanna ski till 11:30-12 at least....of course if the lines build I'd be out earlier too....

SMJ nice work on the title change

It's only Thursday nite....we"ll see...

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world upside down?

Originally Posted by RISkier View Post
Nice to see this thread come back to life. Don't think IQ and I will make it this weekend. We've got a date to get yard work done Saturday and we've been talking about going to the Boston Ski Expo on Sunday. I'll be interested in seeing some trip reports.
Lemme get this straight, IQ the anti gear head is gonna go look at skis instead of going skiing?

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Some pretty good banter and rumours being tossed around on Alpine Zone right now re wa....

AZ'rs of course are always welcome to participate in our legendary thread instead....


BTW, Yawgoo Valley is cranking snow huge I can hear multiple guns right now .....looks to me like Max wants to beat wa on opening, tho I haven't talked to him.

I might check it out tonight on the way home.....
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This just in ...

From today's snow report ...

Connifer Connection and the Polar Express quad chair are expected to open by Sunday, November 23.
I get to pick one day this weekend and I'm beginning to think Sunday if Conifer's online! I'm planning on 1st chair and will have at least one of the younguns aboard (he's got new skis and boots for this season and has been itching to get out )

Although it would be nice to ride 1st chair of the season, I'm happy to get anything in before T'day and Sunday looks like the better of the 2.
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Saturday is supposed to be powerful cold. The wind-chill may barely get out of the single-digits.

For those may find this useful, here's the link to the NWS NOAA hourly weather forecast for Wa. It's by lat/long with the coordinates set to where the summit lift crosses the road. I'm sure it doesn't make that much of a diff but it does differ from the the Princeton link by a degree or so.

Click it and save to your booksmarks if you ever need it--

http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?TempBox=1&ExtraBox=1&HumidBox=1&RainB ox=1&SnowBox=1&PoPBox=1&Submit=Submit&FcstType=gra phical&textField1=42.495516&textField2=-71.887412&site=box&DewBox=1&WindBox=1&SkyBox=1&Fzg Box=1&AheadHour=0
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post
Lemme get this straight, IQ the anti gear head is gonna go look at skis instead of going skiing?

She just gets tired of boys talking about the size of their quivers. We got some deals on lift tickets and lodging last year so we thought we'd go back this year. It is pretty stupid to go to a ski show instead of going skiing, though. We've been hiring the crew team to help with leaves. Weather sounds pretty nasty for yard work but it's got to be done. We're up to our knees in leaves. Hope you all have a ball at Wa. Should be a better opening than last year. Sounds like they'll get both lifts running by Sunday if not tomorrow.
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Well the 4 layers of base prep I've been ironing in for the last 6 weeks are scraped off, the new Momentium wax is on, my gear is in my Yard Sale roof box, my clothes are laid out - and. Nah I'm not going skiing.

What are you nuts?!!! It's 15 minutes from my driveway. I'll be there tomorrow, and Sunday! Hope to see some of you there Sunday. Tomorrow's easy groomers will have the joy of first runs of the year - and with my new 20lbs lighter body!
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shootin for Sunday then....

-Learn 2 turn I saw that forecast for Saturday no interest in freezin my arse off day 1.....I'm gonna go to the dump with my dog tomorrow.....I'm hoping to get all the W/E errands done and boot up for first chair Sunday....sure looks like Saturday golf or road biking won't get in the way...brrrrrrrrrr!

Learn 2 turn you should join us some time, pay no attention to all the sniping it's a pretty nice group....and you have been a faithful contibutor to this thread.....I appreciate it! I wish we could get more bears to join in on the fun....maybe I should dial down my sarcasm a bit. Probably scaring off a lot of bears

- - - - -

-OES, Saturday night should be an awesome snowmaking night....wa will have a real opportunity to lay down some real good stuff for Sunday AM! First tracks are a must!!!!Hope I can make it.....unlike your youngsters my little one tells me she has no interest yet.... so I'll be solo it appears.

- - - - -

-Riskier, I am soooo glad my leaves are gone so I can think about skiing instead! Re quiver, you got the wrong guy, the RX 8's got sold on consignment at Anderson's and my quiver is down to 2....Head i supershapes and Volkl Explosivs....I'm all set...done. The gaggle of RX8's was a fun experiment....but 2 pair of very versatile skis is all I need. From icy steeps to waist deep I got it covered!!! I have no intention to replace my 1998 vintage Tecnica Explosion 8's. They remain perfection! My gear talk is done.

shaddap and ski - let's go I'm in!!!!!

- - - - -

-SMJ sorry bud, hope to catch you Sunday.....I will be waiting anxiously for your full, uncensored report!

We'll all check back in here tomorrow afternoon
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Sure was a lot of gear talk to say you don't talkl about gear a lot!

I won't talk about my quiver.

165 RX8's
175 RX8's
176 Watea 84's
165 Blizzard Magnesium WC SL's
186 Head WC GS's

nah. I'll just ski 'em.
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Now there you go scarin away potential new bears!!!

Not any more! Done with quiver talk!!!! Quiver is culled.

I'll be snoozin" whilst youz are yappin!!!

My ridiculous ski quiver is gone.....chairlift is for nappin now!

We can still swap skis tho as long as we don't talk about it on the lift no?

I like these new smilies where'd they all come from??

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Actually my new boots are a smaller shell size, so we can't swap.

I won't be talking about skis, don't worry. If anything I'll be endlessly talking about technique (or my lack thereof!)
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I'm considering driving to Wachusett tomorrow morning. Haven't been there in years, but google says its 57 minutes.

Seems a little desperate, considering it's going to basically be one blue run, but maybe...
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post
....considering it's going to basically be one blue run ...
And a not very long one at that. But it's still sliding on snow!

Connifer is a much longer and much more fun run, nice shape to it. Supposedly open Sunday. But for even 1 1/2 - 2 hours it's been 8 months, and as my mother always said "it's better then a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!"
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Looks like they have made abit of snow on conifer.
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post
Learn 2 turn you should join us some time...
I'd like to but I'm almost always working when I'm up there. I live an hour away so I just drive up for me shifts. It's not worth it to drive up just to ski for a couple hours.
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I was so excited to see the thread active again and what do I get? Gear talk! Ack! I'm so desperate to ski I'll even endure that.....the Ski Expo in Boston got us some great deals last year, including some free ski passes and some 2 for 1 deals at Stowe. I am most definitely not going to look at equipment.

Hrstrat, we get the URI crew team every year to come rake for us, they ask for a donation of 12 bucks per guy per hour, and we usually get three guys for three hours, with me and RISkier, we usually get the whole shebang done for around a hundred bucks. Not a bad deal.

We're thinking about a weekend trip next weekend, but if not, I think we'll be up for Wa for sure. They've gotten a couple of feet of snow in Stowe, though....
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Oh, you guys, please post and let us know if it's a WROD or full trails. The Webcam appears to be gone, so I'm suspicious it's a WROD.
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Skied the wa this morning, full trails, edge to edge in most places. Excellent skiing. Today it was only Challenger and Ralph's Run off the middle lift. Plans are for Conifer to be open off the summit tomorrow. Definitely was worth 16 runs in 2 hours this morning. Mid winter conditions and not too crowded. First chair went up at 7:45. Great way to start the season and get my chops back.

Apparently they're having problems with the webcam.
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First chair right here, 7:45 sharp. 3 of my friends and I.
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skieast, I was on the 2nd chair, I guess we kind of "met" this morning. Second from the left, talking to the 80 year old guy.
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Wow, nice, what a coincidence. The same friends and I actually got last year's first chair too. Good to see ya there!
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Sunday TR & 1st Gaper Photo of the Season!

OK, conditions weren't exactly mid-winter (although the morning temps sure felt like Feb ... 16 degrees .. brrrr!), but it was a great start to the season nonetheless.

Dragged little OES out of bed and got to the lodge early to meet up with hrstrat57 and SMJ. 2 trails off the mid-mountain lift (Ralph's Run and Challenger) were firm courderoy and made for some sweet 1st-of-the-season runs to shake off the rust.

Limited terrain, but limited traffic as well so had no problem with a few top-to-bottom runs to an open chair on the lift. The snow guns were blasting 10th Mountain and the cats were pushing snow around Conifer with the promise of a summit trail open by noon.

Traffic finally hit the hill around 10:30 in the form of an instructor's clinic, but as they spent most of the time yacking on the side of the trails, it still wasn't too bad.

SMJ and hrstrat57 departed by noon, but little OES and I hung on for a couple of runs on Conifer, which opened around 1:00. Conifer was pretty chunky, but had plenty of cover. I would expect improvement in conditions on the summit runs after the groomers are able to make a couple of passes. (10th Mountain shows open on today's snow report, btw).

Overall another fine day with the Bears and a great way to start the season!

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Glad you guys had fun! Conditions look good. Nice. The one time RISkier and I hit opening day it was a little white ribbon amidst the brown....kind of depressing. This looks much better.

I ran into two regulars at Wa at the Boston Expo, they suggested skiing Sunday evenings for a great time with no crowds. That's an option I hadn't considered before. And I won two free lift tickets to Sunapee at the Expo! I was psyched.
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thanks, nice day

Thanks for the post OES, great first day. Your son is a nice young man, it was a pleasure to share the hill with him.

I'm also thankful that this thread rolls on so I can refresh my memory on all the great days skiing with my bear friends.

BTW, I like your idea about a North Conway based overnight or two gathering for our group, let's keep talking! A day on the big bunny hill at Bretton Woods coupled with a day 2 at Wildcat skiing a real mountain sounds like a winner to me! Black, Attitash and Cranmore can also be fun with good conditions. Of course yummy steaks at the Red Jacket would be mandatory!

Thanks again guys! C u again soon.

Off topic, but my new 170 Head i Supershapes are amazing, really got to let "em fly at times yesterday. Thanks dawgcatching....all that effort you spent emailing me back and forth paid off, they are the perfect ski for me....I'll try to bump my review thread when I get a chance.

Of course, neither the skis nor the bear buds happen without epicski
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Nov 29th TR - and RFP (Request For People) for 30th!

Skied this morning at the wa for 2 hours. Excellent packed powder conditions. Not a lot of people, but the ones who were there were mostly racers skiing fast. I'm sure it got more crowded after I left (which is why I leave!)

Day 4 for me, all at the Wa, and well worth it. Before November is over and I've made huge strides in my skiing on my new (to me) Blizzard WC SL skis.

Will be at the Summit lift by about 7:40 tomorrow, usually get on by 7:50. Boot-up by the bathrooms, there by 7:25. Green and black Phenix coat, yellow and black Fischer boot bag. Look me up!
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Was there this morning as well from 8am to noon -- nicer conditions than I expected!
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