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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post
I will organize it! Late March.
WOO HOO!!!!!!

if not hold ya to it for next year.....

see ya at wa Friday!!!

I am getting my skis back Friday right?
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sunday wa first chair

did some first chair wa yesterday.....had the hill to myself pretty much for an hour....still not crowded thru 10AM....ski'd 14500 vert and quit at 1130

when it started to get really crowded

if you have ski'd wa, you know that's when it is time to boogie on outta there...

which I did, got my $5 back too!!!:

heading back friday I hope.....
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Too bad you had to ski alone.

Brought home my new '07 RX8's today and mounted the bindings, a little tricky as they've changed the Railflex, but I got it. Can't wait to ski them with you on Friday. Maybe I'll let you try them, but I dunno - would you ever let me try YOUR skis?
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Wa was fast and hard yesterday....you would have liked it after skiing all that pansy fluff out west for 2 weeks

Both skis get same hyperzoom treatment?

.....you wouldn't do anything tricky right?

Hopefully a couple other bears join us, if not....

It's all good, right?

c ya
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Hey until you've skied in knee deep chopped up western powder you won't realize it ain't easy!

All out of the flouro's just regular was this time. Me Swix CH7 probably and your skis will get some pine tar. but don't worry, my cough slows me down, kind of like reverse thrusters.
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Where's your CO trip report, SMJ?

What makes you think he skied any fluff in Colorado, hrstrat?
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Not much for trip reports ssh, although our day with you was awesome - thanks! Linda got sick on Sunday and spent the last three days of the trip in bed, she still has the flu.

I had a great last day with bong and a friend at Vail skiing on bong's Nordica Beasts in some pretty deep stuff in places. Most fluffy of the trip was the day at Copper with you and the OHG.

See you next year!
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Skied Wa tomight. Got there @ 6PM and there was nobody there. Parked in row 3. Ripped it up in the cold for 1-1/2 hrs, had some food and headed home. Got to work on my form a bit. Great snow! Wore a face mask for the first time....great item when it's in the single digits!

Way too much going on @ work to get away mid-week. It's good to be busy...but a day or two mid-week on snow is what I'd love to get in before the snow is gone.
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Sky, I pulled in about 6PM last night too and was amazed at the parking lot and the lack of people on the hill. I was supposed to work my Ranger shift, but due to the lack of on hill activity, I got to go home and see my kids, so that was nice. I will be working Sunday, if anyone is there, say hello, I will be the Ranger on tele skis.

I may take a mid-week day next week to ski with my 5 year-old off the clock.
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Sorry I missed you pal. I hope to be up there Sunday with wife and daughter. I'll keep an eye out for you.
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wa a wrap for hrstrat57?

Another nice day at wa Friday with my 2 barking bear buds, OES and SMJ.

-OES, if that was your last run of the year hard to top....I couldn't have caught you on the ol 208 Rossi 7gk's. Red hot rods and orange RX 8's all ablaze!!!! Nice play

-SMJ, thanks for getting my skis resolved, I was ready to give up and call it a day....once we got em fixed = WHEE!!! That line on 10th you picked staying hard right in the fall line all the way down, man that was fun! That might have been the best skiing techique wise I did all year....shortswing, huge arcs with big angles and even some big air:....man that was cool! The 175 RX 8 is absolute bomber for me. I can't imagine a better carver for my style. Amazing technology. If that was my last time out this year you sure helped me end it on a glorious note!! Thanks a million.

Likely, tho not certain my last visit to wa this season....baseball gloves, tennis racquets and golf clubs being dusted off now.

Mixed up the ride home a bit, the donut at Honey Dew just wasn't gonna do it, stopped at the subway on 146 instead. Lady in there made me the yummiest ham/cheese on italian I have had yet....
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hrstrat, I am glad I got the ski issue resolved, my season would have been greatly marred if I had been responsible for ruining your skis. I don't give up easily (as proven by how I ski now after all the years of really being bad.)

Had a great day at the 'Beast today, 6 top to bottom runs before lineup in great steep groomed conditions, the 175 RX8's are indeed an awesome ski, short(ish) turns, long turns, whatever. Standing more upright, changing edges early. I've really come a long way.

Then had an adult first timer lesson which went extremely well, she didn't fall at all and did really well - it felt great for me. (Used the 165's for the lesson of course.)

Conditions actually turned very icy in the afternoon to our surprise, but the RX8's ate up those conditions too.

Don't stop now good friend, get those things out on some real slopes next weekend! They love steep!
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A great big thanks for another fabulous day at Wa to hrstrat57 and SMJ!!

My biggest disappointment this season has been not being able to ski with my Bear Buds nearly enough. Skiing with these two makes every run fast, fun and challenging and has definitely changed my game (for the better, I might add!).

Played a little hooky Friday AM to enjoy a fine day on the slopes. Uber-cold temps in the morning and some of the Crowley grooming magic made for some fabulous corduroy runs early. Even the notoriously scratchy upper 10th Mtn held up well throughout the morning.

Got a chance to take a run on SMJ's new 175 RX8's. (It's nice having 3 guys with the same boot sole length ) Interesting to compare them to my 170's. Subtly different ski between the 2 lengths, both fun, lively carvers but the extra length is a noticeable improvement at speed.

Hoping to get another day or two with the bears before the season comes to an end. After a week of warm, temps are supposed to moderate next week. Could be some really good spring skiing left ... keep those skis where you can see 'em hrstrat!!
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OES, it is always a pleasure to ski with you. You and hrstrat are all smiles and that's what it's ALL ABOUT.

I'll be up tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and next Tuesday the 20th. Weekends at the 'beast.

As to the RX8's, my big decision is going to be do I use my 175's or my 165's for my Level I exam?
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epic day at wachusett mtn massachusetts

This just might close out my many posts in this fun thread. A low snow year...but still great fun hooking up with my barking bear buddies at wa...marcusfire, skimangojazz, oldeasternskier, ice queen and riskier. Finer folks cannot be found!! Missed sky and a few other bears (and a couple AZ'rs)who had hoped to hook up this year....but SMJ is organizing a gathering next season so we will all hook up next year:

Wa today? 2nd best conditions I have ever ski'd there(caught 20" of freshies a couple years ago) Drove up with my friends (and neighbors) Riskier and Ice Queen and caught first chair before 8. Fantastic buttery groomed conditions. No lines until 11:00. Only down side was smith walton closed for racing, but the rest of the hill was sooooo nice it was hard to complain. Riskier and Ice Queen are skiing beautifully, proof that world class coaching (and watching Lito and Italian demo team vids) pays off!!

My highlight of the day? Ski'd first 2 hours on my Volkl Explosivs. Stopped at one point when I was alone on Challenger and looked back at my tracks, clearly displayed in the buttery corduroy. Huge, tight railroad tracks....carved arcs on 95 mid chubby skis.....I had to see it to believe it.

I guess I've gotten a bit better too:

all the gnar TGR guys are onto something good.....

to be continued

next year in Utah I hope

and in the 2007/2008 wachusett conditions and get togethers thread

Thanks again epicski for bringing this group together....and thanks everyone for listening. Hope you can all make LGMA I
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Tennis anyone? Haha. I thought you were done. Didn't a storm roll through friday? I guess the tennis courts were buried. Glad they were able to groom out that run for you to enjoy on your new fat skis : . Hahaha
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Tennis anyone? Haha. I thought you were done. Didn't a storm roll through friday? I guess the tennis courts were buried. Glad they were able to groom out that run for you to enjoy on your new fat skis : . Hahaha

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I'd almost rather play tennis than rock groomers on fat skis. Almost, but not quite.
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And you felt the need to throw down on hrstrat57 why? (that's really what the "huh" meant.)
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Just jealous, I guess.
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you are not nice telerod, not nice at all

(but 15" of new stuff made the golf clubs and racquets go back in the bag.....)

btw lots of at and tele gear on the hill at wa today.....hope you can make Let's go Massachusetts I next year....

I just now put storage hot wax on the exploders in the basement and packed em away with the other boards....

except the 175 RX 8's those are still ready to go...

cause ya just never know do ya?

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Haha, you never know. I'd love to ski with you and SMJ and the rest of the Massachucetts bears. Thanks for the invite. I was at Wachusett this year, but didn't get to meet any of you then. Maybe next year.
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It was a great day at Wachusett, I agree. As hrstrat57 said, the morning was the best part of the day. This was my last weekend day, but I have some weekdays left and more Tuesday and Thursday nights to work.

Sorry I missed you guys, sounds like a good group.
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IQ and I rode up with hrstrat57. Thanks again for driving! Conditions were excellent. Started with a couple of runs on Hitchcock which was in fantastic shape with no hint of anything resembling ice. Did a run or two on Challenger which was in similar condition. Ventured to the summit lift. Conifer was sweet. Did a couple runs down 10th, the sides were in good shape though on the second or third run I managed to find what was probably the iciest part of the mountain. Went from nice soft snow to a pretty out of control skid with no edge grip. No yard sales, however. Really a great day. Though I'd like to get a couple more days in this might be my last for the year. I don't see another trip North in the cards so it'll depend on how conditions hold up at places that are reasonable day trip. It's been great meeting and skiing with some Bears! Hopefully we can do more and enlarge the gathering next year.
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Ice? None of that, zero, nada slipping at the 'beast. Powder piles to blast through and soft, soft, soft snow.

off to the wa this morning and tomorrow morning however - just too close for comfort!
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Like RISkier says, we have had a blast skiing with you guys this year. Let's do more of it next year with more Bears!

Speaking for myself, I'd also really like to see some other women join the group. Although I enjoy hanging out with a whole bunch of hot guys, all that testosterone gets to me after a while.....
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It's not over yet!

Sorry to have missed everyone (again ) this weekend ... Sounds like another Epic day!

I know hrstrat is lookin' at his golf clubs, but not everyone's done for the season yet! With the last dump, there's some great spring skiing left at the Wa!! (not to mention parts north as well).

I'll be up tomorrow night (I'll keep my eyes out for TeleCarve!) and probably a few more weeknights & weekends before putting my skis away for the season.

The 06/07 thread just may have a few more posts yet
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I too want to say how much I've enjoyed skiing with all of you. I was up this morning for 16,800 verts of great skiing. Had a very inspiring experience, this older guy (70's) was kind of pushing his way ahead of people in the (short) line and I ended up on a lift with him. Intrigued I decided I wanted to see how this impatient guy skied, so I followed him.

He skied beautifully, very modern technique, hips moving side to side, short leg, long leg. At the bottom I had to cut in line to catch up to him, as he'd once again weasled his way through. I got next to him and said "nice turns." He was pleased. We talked. Turns out he was on the US Ski team in the 50's had given up skiing and just started again 5 years ago.

We skied a few runs and he taught me a lot about skiing racing style. He said that at his age nothing is easy, getting out of bed, getting in the car, etc. When he sees himself walking down the street in the mirror, he sees a little hunched over old man. But when he skis he feels graceful.

He said that back in the 50's he skied with a lot of the greats, and all they ever talked about was dreaming that they could carve, but they really couldn't because of the equipment.

In his words "I'm now living the dream. I'm doing what we all dreamed of doing back then. When I ski I'm in a constant state of ecstasy. My goal is to have no scarve or skid in ANY of my turns, but to carve consistently."

And he did. Totally inspiring morning for which afterwards I looked up at the ski and said "thank you."
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SMJ, thanks for the story, you made my day at the office! Very inspirational and I hope I get the opportunity to meet this gentleman.
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Good to ski with you all. Can I talk any of you into heading over to Elk Mountain, PA next year?

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