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Great reviews, and thanks for still caring about the skinnier skis out there!
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Thanks for the info Dawg. Another great case in point for how the fore/aft mount position drastically changes the feel of skis (and that was only a 10mm change). Anyone who thinks the manufacturer's midsole mark is right for everyone is fooling themselves and providing bad advice.

I'm praying that my second surgery has fixed my alignment problem and I'll be skiing again next season. If so, the Speedwave 14 is on the top of my buy list.
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To third or fourth Bob's point about length: I've found some skis, like the Volkl AC4 or the RX8, to be especially length-sensitive. The 170 AC4 is a lively, quick fat carver, the 177 is a deliberate, ultra-smooth GS. The 165 RX8 is a relaxed, lively recreational carver that rocks bumps, while the 170 is sharper edged, more cross-like, and not nearly as much fun in bumps.

OTOH, I've found other skis (say the 6* Volkls in 168 and 175, or Head XRC 1200's in 163 and 170) to feel much less different than expected (beyond the obvious little more stabilty, little less quickness, in longer length).

Conclusion, besides demoing two lengths: Don't grab a bargin ski that isn't "quite" the length you wanted. May be a whole different beast.
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Dawg, I'm surprised you liked the Z9 in that length for your size. I'm 5'11" 185lbs and found the 170 a slug, the 162 rocked.

Other then that great review.
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RX8--RX9 comparison

Great reviews Dawg. I have the Fischer RX8 in a 170 and love them. I think it’s the best pair of ski’s I’ve owned UNTIL the other day when I used my friends pair of RX9’s for the day in a 170. I know the RX8 is more of an SL ski and the RX9 is geared towards a GS ski. I was very surprised as to how quick they were edge-to-edge and incredible grip on ice. I felt even better grip on ice than the RX8’s. I felt there was no speed limit on this ski and was skiing much faster than I should have that day but felt that I had total control of the skis. Have you tried the RX9’s? I would love to hear your comparisons if you have.
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A very informative review, thanks

I would say though that the K2 Apache Crossfires which I tested in 174 cm are from my perspective surprisingly stable for a soft ski at high speed, I was really pushing them hard on a steepish red in Val D'Isere and they didn't miss a beat both on and off the edge.
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Good on ya' dawg! Yup, vindication at last! I have been saying the SS in a 170 is the best frontside ski ever for 2 years now. I just skied it the past 3 days in everything from skied off hardpack, to 8" plus of lite dry powder. I brought my 82's and never took them out of the case. The Supershapes handle bumps as well. I will say that they are not as versitile for "old" technique, they respond best when up on edge but are very happy on long GS turns. Unlike a Metron that just wants to turn, the SS at 121-66-107 is not a one-trick pony. Turn shape can be varied at will without a hickup. I really loved they way they handled the powder as well. The 121 tip provides good initial float and the 107 at the tail holds just fine. I am 178#'s.
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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
I didn't ski the new Contact LTD, but it is supposdely slightly changed for 2008. Two different testers I spoke with at the show didn't care for it as much as last year's model. Do you know anything about changes for 2008 on this ski? I didn't get to ski it, but will try this spring.
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Hi Scott,

I have no clear info on the Ltd. The Dynastar names are a little confusing. There was a Contact Ltd sold in Canada during 05/06 with the fluid plate & a race carver sidecut (112-67-98mm, or something like this).

Rockfordskiman, a shop manager, likes the Ltd version as much as the Contact 11 which he owns in a 172cm size. Now I wonder which limited?

I'll add info if I learn any more.
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The 07/08 version of the Contact 11 is called the Limeted Edition. This is not the same ski as any previuos model called the Limited. The cosmetics are very unique on next seasons ski. One ski is a red tip with black on white in the tail and the other ski is red in the tip with white on black in the tail. The bindings are white with black metaflak bodies.
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Dawg, where did you do the testing?
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
Dawg, where did you do the testing?
Mostly Bachelor. A few I noted that I skied last spring at both Snowbaisn and Mission Ridge.
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Finally got some serious slope time on the 175 Fischer RX 8's and posted my thoughts/ theory in the ongoing below thread....

Skimangojazz has my 175's out in Vail right now, I am hoping he posts more impressions.....

Any comments? Thoughts? I am starting to feel pretty strongly about my general recommendation.....

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