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Alta Badia SPOILER

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Alta Badia GS

Kalle Palander .... 1
Bode .... 2
Didier Defago .. 3
Ben Raich .. 4
Ted Ligety .. 7
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Canadian Kucera fifth, his first WC GS finish, also worthy of note. Bumped Nyman out of fifth in the overall.
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Kucera is doing very well this season. He's a young pup too, only 22 +/-? Looking at his race history he has done very well on NorAm and FIS races and had lots of top 30s in WC events.

Today's result also brought Bode within striking distance of Svindal and Cuche.
I suspect Raich will podium tomorrow and start clawing his way up as well.
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We'll see how Raich does in the SL - it seems to be the only discipline where he might be firing on all cylinders.

But watching the first run on WCSN this afternoon, it looks like the snow at Alta Badia was fairly unpredictable: note how the early racers on both runs laid down some of the best times, while folks who had to race later were quite slow, no matter how well they skied. It was less of a factor in run #2 (looking at the FIS result sheet), but it was still the case.

And don't forget: the World Cup has never held a SL at Alta Badia, so who knows how good or bad it'll be? We'll see if Ligety's rhythm is back, if Bode has truly dialed in his SL boards, and if Cochrane and Rothrock can pull off some magic.
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