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Alta 12/8

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l to r
Cousin Johnny Sax , BushwackerinPA, carbonissimo & best buddy Mitch
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Had a ball at Alta with the crew!
BushwackerinPA sure can carve it up on his fat boards!
Moguls too!
Cousin Johnny Sax broke in his new AC4s ( 184s) and was ripping.
Mitch's virgin day at Alta.
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Utah Bound!

Carbonismo, Josh and Mitch:

It was a blast to ski with you men that day and the eternal sunshine of the day lives on. I am heading out to Utah on Wednesday morning, driving from NYC to Park City and can't wait. Life is just about to take off for me with this journey west bound.

Josh, I'm looking forward to catching that head deep powder that link that you sent to me. I think I just mught bury myself head first. It will be a pleasure to do it with you watching my back. We'll hook up when I get there just before new years.

Carb, my mentor and eternal brother I never had but now do..... mend your wife and get your ass out to Utah! I need you to clean up the downtown music scene let alone the ski scene.

Mitch, see you at least for new years, where are we partying!!?? Snow should have fallen heavily by the time I get there so prepare to go down some pitched stuff.

Damn we look happy in the photo ........ That's what life's all about. Ciao
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You look like you're having fun! Bushwacker, don't let them get you into trouble?
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That starts when you come out.
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo View Post
That starts when you come out.
Trouble? Moi?<innocent smile!
post #7 of 10 video from the day. I will have some scenic shots tomorrow as my desktop computer just got freed from the denver blizzard.
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Looking at Collins from Wildcat

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The 3 shots i took that day.

Way back down can you say inversion
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