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Game ideas for advanced kids group

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Skiers: 5
Age: 9-12 (all girls)
Level: 6/7

What ideas do you have some good ideas for games so the education stuff stays fun and doesn't get boring?

I have some ideas but it always pays to have as many as possible.
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I have seen a few fun drills used for junior racers over the years. In lower level juniors there are all abilities so these can be applied to any age I would guess.

1) Pair them up with each other and play follow the leader. For racers coaches use this to get them making someone else's turns other than their own; but IMO it is good for any recreational skier to have turns determined by something other than themselves.

2) Tree skiing can always be fun for kids if you have a decent tree run to take them on. It is a change of pace from normal groomers but can really develop their skills as there again, they are not always dictating the turn.

3) A game that an instructor played with my younger brother once in order to teach him to make good hop turns was a challenge to see how many hop turns he could put into one short distance on the mountain. The instructor would do it and give him a target number and he would have to hit or surpass that number.

Also, any drill that you can turn into a game for them (like skiing on one foot - who can go farthest, etc.) will be a lot of fun for them and they won't realize that they are actually learning something.

Most of my experience in teaching or working with or skiing with kids has been through race coaching younger juniors. I would suspect that many of the things that a coach would work on with young juniors would hopefully mirror (mostly) what was taught to a younger non-racer as at that point in their skiing career the interest is in building a solid skill base while still having fun while doing it.


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Don't make it competitive, but you can do a number of level 6/7 things that will help improve skiing. They're already playing with turn shapes, so you can do dual pacing things like having both skiers turn at the same time 1-2-3-4-...Turn, 1-2-3-4...turn, but let one move faster down the hill and then slow enough so the other catches up. Also, if you have appropriate terrain, sideslip "races" can be fun and instructive. Another favorite is see who can get farthest back uphill at a turn finish. Maybe leave a planted pole at the top of how far they get back up the hill.
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Max # 360's with skis on snow.

Skiing backwards -- free style and through a brush course.

Brush course through the bumps.
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