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How long are your skis? - Page 3

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1.8 m, 79 kg:

181 Elan m999 (really 177: )
182 Elan GSX
and saving the pennies for some 193 Stockli Stormridder DP's
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5'11" 190lbs

Slalom - 165 Nordica Doberman SL WC
GS - 191 Nordica Doberman GS WC
All Mountain - 178 Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel
Some pow - 185 Nordica Enforcer
Big Mountain - 193 Nordica Blower

It depends upon the terrain, the snow, your aggressiveness and to a degree personal preference. Short skis turn well, long skis have a bit more stability. I love my slaloms, I love my big mountain skis, just depends on the day.
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6'2" 187lbs

165 Völkl Racetiger SL
185 Völkl P60 GC Race Stock
175 Völkl Supersport Allstar
184 Völkl Mantra
190 Völkl Gotama
186 Head Monster iM85
176 Elan S12
175 Dynastar Phil Belanger Pro Model
182 Rossignol Bandit B2
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6'4" and 95 kilos and I am on 170 length Volkl EXP's

They have helped me to improve my style/edging etc. Next pair may be a little wider and perhaps a tad longer but who knows
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6'1", 205 pounds.

Quiver, arranged shortest to longest:

177 Volkl Vectris V20
180 Salomon Scream Pilot 8
185 Fischer Big Stix 84
188 PM Gear Bro Softs
200 Kastle Carvemachine National Team GS
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5'9", 175 lbs., east coast skier

current quiver:
165 cm Dynastar Omecarve 10
173 cm Blizzard Titan 8.2 (new to me this season)
174 cm Rossi 9X (new to me this season)
175 cm Fischer BigStix 7.6

Could be the Blizzard's are too short for intended use - east coast crud / deep ski, and occasional trips west. But the BigStix don't feel quite as stable as I'd like sometimes so maybe the Blizzard's will take their place; thanks to a good swap deal I figured it's worth a try.

General comment: as a medium size skier I'm generally happy with the middle length ski in whatever range is offered in a given ski. Only exception was race stock slalom - short end of range is just fine. (I recall 156 cm Volk race stock as more fun than my current 165 cm Dynastars.)
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5'10", 180lbs -- skiing for 20 something years, former mogul competitor, current freeskiing comp competitor, ski fast & aggressively nearly all off-piste. Home mountain Kirkwood, CA.

179 PMGear Bro Models (125-99-114) - for "firmer" days
188 PMGear Bro Models (125-99-114)- for most days & backcountry
192 PMGear prototype fat skis (143-114-131) - for powder, competition, and for resorts/locations that have more wide-open terrain.
192 DP Lotus 138's (140-138-139) - For having ridiculous amounts of fun
215 Blizzard Thermo DH boards - For having ridiculous amounts of fun
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5’10” & 195lbs Ski east coast with regular forays to Fernie

178 Legend 8000’s for everyday
176 Elan GSX (coming soon - post office still has them). Will be for ice & ripping cords.
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5'11", 190 lbs. Most days spent at Loveland, Keystone, Vail, BC, as few groomers as possible.

179 PM Gear Bros, soft-stiff flex.
181 Salomon 1080's (rock skis)
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