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How long are your skis?

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Looking down at my size 12 feet, I keep thinking to myself that those 178s I have on are awfully short. I know that the current thinking is to go short, but I wonder if, at 6'2"/230 lbs., 178s are too short for me.

What length of ski do folks in here ride?
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I'm 6'2" 250. My daily ride is a 165 - and no, they're not race stock.
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At 5'11" and 220 lbs, I've got everything from 165 SL skis to 186 powder skis. Although it depends what type of ski your 178s are, they sound like a regularly sized carving-oriented ski. Of course, if they're a powder ski, they're too short, and if they're an SL ski, they're too long.
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6 foot 170lb...

162cm Metrons that the edge just pulled out on to 183 Gotama that the bases look like swiss cheese right now.

my new skinny skis is between 170cm Elan Ripstix and 174 K2 Public enemies(I know not to skinny) and want something fat and around 190 for going faster.
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5' 8"....240lbs. 176cm.
Refuse to go shorter.
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I weigh about 165 lbs. At my weight I can see no reason to go any less than 165 cm, which is a great length for slalom turns and bumps. I also think that 170 is a good length for me for an "eastern ski", and 190 cm should be long enough for anything and any condition not resembling a (Chinese?) DH race.
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6 foot 195 lbs

172 Metrons for everday use,
180 Blizzard rock skis,
203 Salomon's that I have skied within the past 6 years.
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5'11" 185-220lbs (depending on how much muscle I'm packing)

177 carvers
185 GS
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6'3" 285

Dynastar Speed Course 66's 184CM

Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel's 178CM
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195 lbs
9.78% body fat
LDL cholesterol; 105
25 reps of 225lbs, 4.25 sec 40 yard dash at 2006 NFL combine
Married (trophy wife)
Member MENSA
Handsome as the devil
Independently wealthy
Award wining author; “Being Modest

184cm Rossi B3 everyday use in CO Summit
198cm Atomic Beta Race 10.26 razor sharp for slick and hard
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A- blood
Dynastar legend 4800

Oh, I have a trophy wife too.
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161 Race stock slalom
170 High performance carver
164 iM88 - this is the only one I'm disapointed in (still a great ski mind you). Got them because the 175's were unavailable and didn't want to wait for this season. Generally it's pretty good, and probably increases the usefulness in trees/bumps, but definitely have to be well centered at speed and in choppy stuff you feel the lack of length for sure.
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Let's see, after my new sticks arrive, it'll be:

1 pair 193s
2 pair 190s
3 pair 188s
1 pair 185s
3 pair 183s
2 pair 180s (one of which is for sale)

I'm 6'4" 190ish.

I really can't see any advantage to short skis for my skiing, I have no trouble turning 190s, so why give up the stability of longer skis?
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Sanouk 193 - for deep powder
Stormrider SS 188 - everything else
Big Stix 84 181 - AT setup
188 Atomic 10.22 - gs skis for 'short turns'

5'7" 160lbs
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5 9
175 Rx 8
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5'10 250

165 RX8
180 Big stix 86
180 Heli Daddy
180 Powder Ride
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- 187 X Screams
- 203 Atomic 9-28's
-223 Atomic Yellow Sleds- their down hill skis.Bought 'em off of Peter Mueller years ago.Not much good day to day,bit fun a couple of times a year.
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6 foot
220 lbs
No trophy wife (I just use y'alls when your not around)

175 5-Star
177 G3
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6'9", 215 lbs
184 '01 Stockli Stormrider rock skis
186 '04 Stockli Stormrider XL Offroads
186 '04 Stockli Stormrider Schmidts
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5'10" 225lbs
Homeless, (live in a van by the river)
Bad teeth
No trophy wife, but several restraining orders
My hobbies include going through Phil's garbage on trash day (someday those Metrons will be in there)

160 Salomon Scream Limited, bindings mounted a little forward to use in trees.

170 Atomic SX:10 for hardpack

181 Atomic Triplets twin-tips for whatever
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5'9" 225lbs

193 Sanouks
191 Mantra
168 6 Stars
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6'1" 200 lbs

my shortest:
166 Fischer RC4 SL race stock which are really 161 without the toenails (short, wide, black=look like clown shoes)

my longest:
188 Fischer RC4 GS race stock (still feel short since I grew up on 210+ skis)

other alpine skis in the active quiver are 181, 183, 184, 186

AT skis:
187 BD Crossbow (about as big as I would want for an AT ski anyway)

longest XC skate skis:
193 Rssignol Xium NIS II (getting there--at least I can see those red tips in my peripheral vision while still looking down the trail)

longest XC classic skis:
210 Madshus Hypersonic 3x3 (great glide zone without a crimped wax pocket--longer *is* better)
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You can tell where posters come from just by looking at their quivers/lengths. If you're over 185cm, you ski in the West (or you're a former linebacker or something). At resorts in the Alps, ski lengths tend to run short. I'm 175cm and 78 kilos (refuse to convert to pounds, don't want to know) and ski nothing taller than me. My shortest ski is a 155 slalom cut (too short to be sanctioned for competition; a disappointed racer sold them to me cheap), then we move up to 170 and 172 for midfats, 175 for the Pocket Rockets. I'm a short turn guy, though...
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240..5'8" metron b5 162...rossi z5 172"rock ski"....rossi b3 185"fatty"
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225 lbs

170 Salomon cross max
175 pocket rockets
165 Salomon board

I ski mostly in the east with a trip out west about every other season these days. cross max for every day. PR's for pow and back-country excursions.
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5' 10", 150#

178 Legend 8800:
Great for everything, would like longer for dedicated powder use

177 Rossignol Axium T Power:
great all around lazy day ski, skiing with 6 year old, spring slush, rocks

165 Atomic SX10:
Great for hardpack, short turns, Medium radius, steeps. Would like longer for going stupid fast.
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Former SSSS guy (Short Skis Still Suck)

170cm Nordi HotRod Modified
170cm Atomic R11

I got tell you I cringe every time I look down, especially at the Nordis as they're wider and wider makes them look shorter. I would have gone 177cm if I skied a big mountain or out west but I haven't been lacking for grip at 170cm.
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6-0, 210, 47 yrs old, good Masters racer

Stocklis all: 2005 Stormrider XL in 174 (East),184 (West); SL in 161; Cross Pro in 180; GS in 182
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175-190 depending on how much ice cream i've been gorging
solid hacker (will pick my way down just about anything, but may lack grace and style on some of it)

my planks range from 175, 177, 180, 186 and will probably add a 181, 185, and maybe 188 to the mix, depending on whether or not I get my gear jones in check.

as stated multiple times above, it really depends on the ski. the example I always use is that I tried the 175 and 186 M:EX. the difference between the two sizes was insane. the 175 was nimble, quick, and had decent float performance as an AM ski. The 185, at least for me, was clunky and cumbersome, much harder to move around and a lot less frisky.

my 177 Karmas and Mantras feel short if I'm just blazing down groomers, but they feel just right in tight spots and chutes and moguls (i.e. I'd love a back-up pair of each in the next size up). My 180's feel a little long, but then the ski is stiff and somewhat burly compared to the rest of my quiver. the 186's look short, but then that could be the effect of the 125 waist in comparison to the length.

itching to try something in a +180 length to see if they are in fact "too long".

at any rate, if you're having length issues, why not demo a few pairs of skis in different lengths this season? i've pretty much determined that my "comfort" zone is between 175 and 180 depending on the ski. though over the summer and after first turns this season, I'm re-thinking length and will demo a few different skis this season in longer lengths to suss things out.
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6'1" 205 lbs
170 cm Atomic SX10's
178 CM Dynastar Speed SX 63 ( Rock Skis)

Trophy wife who also has serious brain power thank you very much !
Rock guitar god ( in my own mind )
Mensa--------------------- ( thats 4 slow learners)
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