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Fischer RX8 binding position

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I just purchaced some RX8's, and skied them for the first time yesterday at Winter Park CO. Perfect conditions for them. Hard packed to wind blown ice at the end of the day. What an awsome ski. I couldn't belive the edge hold, and speed range. Slow tight turns to fast GS turns. With that said I did notice a couple of things, hence my question. After reading all the reviews and comments of this ski, I was expecting a little more rebound, and nimbleness. I also found my self in the back seat quit a bit. (I loved the forgiveness). I was also able to skid the tails in turns with out really trying. I am wondering if my bindings are mounted too far back. I have a small foot, 7.5, 25.5 boot, and know the bindings are now mounted off of the center of the boot and not the ball of your foot, which means someone with a 30 size boot would have their ball of their foot 2 cm's forward of mine. I know the binding has a 1.5 cm adjustment forward and aft, and I will try the forward most position. Any comments on this? Has anyone else experienced this? Would moving the binding forward make a difference?


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I moved mine ahead about 30 cm, by putting the toe piece as far forward as possible on the rail. Then placing the heel back by the length of my boot sole. Then I placed the rail at the forward +15 cm position.
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I hope you mean 30mm or 3cm Did it help? What size boot do you where?

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I did mean 30 mm. My boot sole is 321mm. I have only skied them in the 30mm forward position, so I can't comment on the difference.
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Wow!!! 321mm. No wonder you had to move them so forward. That was the point I was trying to make. Your ball of your foot (balance point while sking), would be 3cm forward of mine. Hopefully someone with small feet will throw their 2 cents in. Where is the center mark on your boot in relation to the center mark on the rail?

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Tried moving them to +1.5cm, and did not like it myself. The tips became too grabby for my tastes. May be beneficial if you are in the backseat though.
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Did it make a big difference? I guess I have some expermenting to do
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How many days had you skied prior to trying the RX8? Are you in mid-season form yet?

I'd work on that before tweaking your binding position. Try the forward setting, see what you think. IMO you (and many others) are over thinking the mounting point causing "paralysis by analysis". Just ski. Technique means more than equipment.
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Not even close to mid season. You might be right. I just found myself skiing on the tougues of my boots, something I never did before. It was the first day on these skis, maybe a little more time on them will help.

Thanks for the replys
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GonzoBonzo, I had 25.5 Tecnica XTs (294mm) when I was skiing the RX8. Do you have the RailFlex bindings or did you buy the skis flat? If you have the RailFlex, you have a lot of different options, and can experiment with a lot of different locations.

I always preferred them in their +1.5 position if the length was at the standard length for my boots. You can also adjust the toe and heel to get your boot even farther forward. I prefer ball-over-center-of-running-length as a starting point for mounting, or something like a Campbell Balancer to get really balanced on the ski (although they are difficult to find). The nice thing about the RailFlex is that you can move 'em forward if you carry the appropriate tool with you to unscrew that center screw while you're skiing (here in Colorado, you can often find those tools at the top or bottom of the lifts).
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Hey ssh,

I was hoping you would reply.

"when I was skiing the RX8" Must have went with the Metron's...traitor

I got the 07 model with the Railflex II. I am really impressed with the binding system. Seems like a real safe binding, easy to get in and out of too. Being able to move the binding with one screw is sweet.

I got the tape measure out last night, and my ball of my foot is ruffly 2cm back from the center of the running surface, so I am going to try the forward most position. And if that works, I think I'll move the toe and heel to center the adjustment screw. Where it's at now would probably be okay for soft conditions, it just felt out of wack on the hard pack and ice.

Seems like we have the same size boot. Did you experience the same thing I did with the binding centered?


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I never skied them centered! I have always preferred my mount point a bit forward, and with short boots and a center mount point (as you've discovered), this is farther forward than some may realize. Try it in the + position and see what you think. Then play with it. I think you're going in the right direction.

I have been skiing the Metron B5s the past two plus seasons, but have a couple of pairs of Nordicas in the quiver this year...
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I'll give the forward position a try hopefully this weekend.

Thanks for your reply,

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