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Aline footbeds

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A footbed system that works as advertised.

Footbeds fall into to three groups IMO.

A) the worthless OEM footbeds provided by the boot manufacturer
B) the custom products formed by the bootfitter
C) the aftermarket products that are used without forming

I had a pair of custom footbeds that were very unsatisfactory several years ago. I decided that for my foot-shape (low arch, wide and soft feet) that the aftermarket footbeds were better than a custom footbed that were generally too stiff and reduced the volume inside the boot (forcing me into a larger shell size).

I've been using Walkabout Downunders: http://ecom1.sno-ski.com/product320.html

These were a huge upgrade over stock footbeds, fit my foot shape, had a deep heel pocket, were comfortable and helped me downsize into a smaller shell size.

Rick at Verticle Drop (Chicago's best ski shop) suggested the Aline footbeds and fitted a pair in early December a few days before departing to Utah & Colorado.

The Aline footbed delivered: http://www.alinesystems.com/Default.aspx?Page=wFootBed

They are selected and carefully fitted to my foot using a sophisticated laser alignment device by the bootfitter. The shape and fit of the Aline is complex with hard and soft areas to improve skiing control.

The impression I have is that the design allows the entire foot sole to contribute to control over the ski. I found myself making small changes in balance within the boot. Before I was balanced either forward (on the balls of my foot) or back towards the heel. The Aline footbed provides better use of the arch to balance and I found myself more centered on the ski. The Aline footbed also aligns the ankle well.

The Aline footbed does reduce the volume of the boot, but it helped snug the foot in the boot without any hot-spots, so no problem. I also noticed improved all-day comfort and less fatigue.


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I was outfitted with these footbeds as well and love them.

They really have given me much more support and have helped to better align my stance. I will say that when standing I feel them pushing on my arch but once I get moving I stop feeling it.

Also, I have a wider front of my foot and a high arch so I am always worried about taking up volume and found that these aligned my foot better in the boot and did not take up much more volume.
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I recently was set up with these as well, but being in Pa, have not been able to ski them yet. As the alines don't have a topsheet (the top is plastic) I am curious if you had any issue with friction or moisture build up on the bottom of your feet?
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Originally Posted by tomrh View Post
I recently was set up with these as well, but being in Pa, have not been able to ski them yet. As the alines don't have a topsheet (the top is plastic) I am curious if you had any issue with friction or moisture build up on the bottom of your feet?
The ribbed surface does make entry much more difficult. Also, the foot has difficulty getting past the elevated midsection of the footbed. The footbed also shifted forward a little during insertion but quickly returned to its correct position.

No problem with moisture. I use a very thin wool sock and do perspire, but the footbed never felt damp, slippery or clammy.


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i put them in my nordie SP14's. I was a superfeet fan but these blow them out of the water. The aline is perfect for my foot en every way.
+1 on making it painful to get them on. The rubber ribs are a pain in the arse. The only solution ive come across so far is to pull your sock back over your toes further than youd want, and then have the footbed pull the sock into place. Also the footbed tends to hit the front of the boot and "bulge" up. Not painful, just annoying when on the lift and you can feel something moving when you wiggle your toes

i recomend these to all of my friends
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Originally Posted by madmanmlh View Post
Dear Winter, YOUR FIRED!!!

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I had Doug Stewart fit me with a pair at ESA Stowe, and since I returned to PA as well, haven't skied in them yet, but the fitting and posting was impressive. I noticed how sticky they were too, and I'm thinking of talc or foot powder to make the sock slide a little.
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I have them in my Head RD96 and they are great. Fix a lot of my alignment issue. Definitely much more comfortable and better fit than Superfeet Cork that I have before.
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Got to try em

I got out today and tried the alines. I'm a newb to good gear, so I cant really comment about the technical performance. But they were very comfortable, and I had no issues with friction on my feet or moisture (and it was warm yet again 40+) using smartwool ultralight socks, skiing a full day. My boots are kryptons which are easy to get on and off, so i had no problem there with the alines.
Same as a prior post, once I got skiing did not notice the pressure in the front of my arches.
I am off the slopes for 4 hrs now, and have no foot/arch discomfort at all.
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An update

because of the recent post that was referred to this thread. I love them.
cured my knock-knees, improved an already pretty good fit. They do make it harder to get into the boot, but they're supposed to be sticky according to their website, to keep your foot from sliding. They're not rigid in the middle, a common complaint about the cork-based beds, and they seem to be a lot of bang for the buck, especially with expert help fitting them.
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