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Originally Posted by marge View Post
As for the tone of some posters they have now resorted to name calling? I'm glad that they're not an "educator" in my district. : . . . They may not agree with YOU (and YOU know who you are) . . . Enjoy skiing with your kids. I'm sure that they grow up way too fast.
Sorry, I'm used to forums that are a lot more, shall we say, free swinging in use of language . . . possibly there is a more polite phrase to describe a "person" who doesn't care that their kid got docked form As to Bs because they skipped school, bu tthat woud still be "name calling"

I KNOW "they" don't all agree with me . . what's ironic is that most people on this thread DO agree with me . . , unless, of course, you tag me with those "straw man" arguements ("never take kids out" blah blah )

So does it strike you as odd to use the word "educator" as a negative? And is THAT name calling? :-)

Yes, enjoy those kids, they do grow up fast!!!
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When I was young (was I ever?), my parents would take my bro's, sis's, and me out of school for a week to go skiing, in addition to the fact we were skiing every weekend. As long as the grades and such were kept up, it was a good thing... I have never worked so hard in my life to make that happen!!! lol

The best days though, were growing up in Germany, skiing at the USAFRC's, and getting snowed in at Berchtesgaden. We just couldn't get back home to go to school! YEAH DAD!
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Drats !

Just back from Colorado, where I tried yet again to unsuccessfully induce my daughter to skip school so we could ski Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning. I get the feeling must be doing something wrong as a parent.
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Originally Posted by kei-o-lei View Post

Others are taking their kids out because it's convenient or because they don't think schools are that important. That kind of parental attitude is corrosive to good education, and you can see that in some of the postings on this thread (e.g., it's OK to ditch school becasue my kid enjoys that family time so much). That's self-delusional hogwash!

I think that is the minority.
most of us acknowledge that school and education ARE important to our kids.
but dont have any other way to take the kids up.
myself, i work 60-70hrs a week including weekends. tues and thurs are my only days to go up.
so if its a day off of school, of course we all go up. but if i have to pull the kids out every now and again for some family time i will.
they are both b+ students.
school is important. thats why i only yank em once a month.

i dont think anyone is flat out stating that skiing is MORE important than school.
either way, their our kids, so it really doesnt matter how you feel about them missing school or not.
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