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Which new ski's

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I am in the market for a new pair of ski's, maybe 2. I currently have a pair of Rossi Bandits XX 184cm, and a pair of Head Cyber Cross TI 178 cm. Bandits are great for out in the trees/powder/crud, a little slow turning on the groomed. Heads are a VERY fast turning on the groomed runs,a ski with a narrow waist on them but still very fun in the trees/powder. I usually ski short radius turns and off trail as much as I can. 30+ yrs on the snow, just too many choices in new ski's to try them all. A all mountain ski is what I am looking for. Any Ideas?

And great board here, wasted the past 1 1/2 days browsing.
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Though I have not skied these..........I have brand new Magfire 10's by Elan. I was looking for an all-mountain ski and this is what I ended up with. Talked with 3 people who have skied them and they all suggested that the ski has great edge hold on hardpack, very stable at speed and good "snow feel". Sounds a lot like my Fischer race ski only with an all-mountain shape and construction that can handle bumps and groomers and anything in between.
I just put them in the closet and promised not to look at them again until they are under the tree on the morning of Dec. 25th.
(Promises are made to be broken)
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