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Val Gardena DH SPOILER

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I need to know more about the vintage skis Steve Nyman rode to his first WC victory today. Kristian Ghedina wanted to compete on the skis he used the first time he podiumed at Val Gardena, but the FIS denied his request. He was allowed to fore-run the course on skis from 1989.

Nyman rode "...Ghedina's old skis..." to victory. I'm assuming he used newer "old skis" than the ones Kristian used today.

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Yeah I wanted more info about those skis too! I can't wait to see Nyman and Bode go 1,2 like Bode and Daron used to.
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Kristian Ghedina was sponsored by Fischer for years and still has a relationship with them. Though he never quite achieved super-star status, he remained for years a serious threat in speed events. I'm sure his skis were the best Fischer could produce and proven to be inherently fast. Sort of like Rahlves inheriting Eberharter's Atomics. That's my best guess.
Anyway, a great result for Nyman and Marco Sullivan in 4th (Nordica), as well.
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Wow, I totally overlooked Sullivan's 4th. Thanks for calling attention to that. Both of these guys are skiing faster than ever before.

Ghedina is a character. I saw him do a spread eagle off the final jump in a DH. Was it last year at Val Gardena? He finished 4th in the overall World Cup standings twice (also finished 2nd in the DH standings those two years), 1997 and 2000.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Ghedina is a character. I saw him do a spread eagle off the final jump in a DH. Was it last year at Val Gardena?
2004 off the final jump at Kitzbuhel of all places while in the lead and going over 135kmh (85 mph): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD7f3G7fuQk
The French commentators are besides themselves when he does the stunt; "C'est magnifique! C'est fabulous!!"

He'll really be missed. Skiing needs more people like him who race for the JOY of skiing fast and with a SMILE on their face. He made most racers look like automatons.
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Uh yeah, Kitzbuhel '04. That's what I meant. Thanks, Bez. "Extraordinaire!"
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Dunno if anybody watched the WCSN footage from the DH, but they had a brief (uncaptioned) view of Ghidena in the start house, with his circa 1989 Fischer RC4 DH skis, mounted with the original Derbyflex plates and brand-new Tyrolia bindings. He foreran the course on said skis (looked like some 225 cm or 230 cm boards), but I have no idea how good his time was.
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