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Can it get any worse in the northeast?

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Lets see there were 3+ 60 degree warm ups in November, and now 10 days before Christmas virtually no snow on the ground, temps in the 50s and no cold weather or snow in sight. This how a lot of ski areas went bell up in the 70s and 80s.
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Yes it can get worse...the forecast is calling for it to Cool down for the middle of next week then warm up again through New Years. I would say it will probably be mid January before resorts out East really get in full swing.
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I just got back from a quick jaunt up to cannon mt. I can think of few mountains with normally harsher winter weather (maybe jay peak???). It was 40 and a mix of rain and sleet. The top of the mountain and front four which had 14" pow on it on tuesday is now is mainly grass with a few patches of snow:
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i had to mow the grass today in pennslvania
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I had to teach a snowblade lesson.
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I went mountain biking.
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It is truly unreal. All the forecast does is get warmer and warmer. I think i'm going to buy a mountain in Northern Canada. In 25 years when there is nothing to ski south of the Chugach, I'm gonna make a killing...if anyone remembers how to ski.:
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I went skiing here in Toronto today, but conditions were marginal. In the morning we had rock hard snow with golf ball size chunks of ice/snow. It softened up later, but I doubt the hill can stay open through next week. For tomorrow they forecast rain and 10-12 degrees Celsius. What a disaster!
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New Jersey

I washed both our Subaru's today here in central NJ. Myself.
Normally I don't wash cars in the driveway after Halloween!

Its supposed to hit 66 Tuesday.
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ahhhh, this reminds me why I moved West to Colorado....
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We need an 'ignore posts about west coast dumpage' option here. It's depressing having to read about all the wild snowstorms they get. We can give them an 'ignore bitching about east coast weather' option while we're at it!
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Originally Posted by crank View Post
I went mountain biking.
Me too! Really stretching the Mtn. Bike season!
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I went skiing at Sunday River in Maine. Good coverage, nice soft spring bumps everywhere, not crowded.

Oh wait.

I forgot.. this is the whining thread.
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I was skiing slalom at mount snow yesterday.. ie.. trying to avoid the dirt patches and find some snow.. Its looking pretty bad up there and the grass is still green..
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Ya know maybe I should suspend my normal "This is December, therefore we should be skiing X" and accept the spring conditions on manmade. Just go with it - at least it's something ....
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At least you HAVE manmade.
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