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Ski Graphics

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All this talk about the Rossi Scratch BC got me thinking about which manufacturer puts the best graphics on skis. I would pose the following questions:

1. Which manufacturer and specifically which line of skis from that manufacturer have the best graphics?

2. Have the graphics on a certain pair of skis influenced you to buy one set over another?

3. Have the graphics on a certain pair of skis convinced you not to buy or not to try a pair of skis that you otherwise would have considered?

In my opinion, Head makes the best looking skis almost throughout their lineup. I especially like the graphics on the Monster skis. K2 also makes some pretty cool looking skis. Atomic has almost made huge strides in the last year and the new Metron skis are looking really good.

For me, performance is definitely the main consideration when looking for a ski, but I wouldn't want to buy an ugly ski just because it performed well.

Last year, I was nearing the end of my first semi-serious year in the sport and noticed quite a few people at Alta skiing on Atomic Beta Ride R9 and 11.20 skis. I figured if enough people were skiing them, there must be something good about them. I read up on them here and elsewhere and it seemed to be a good choice so I bought a pair after finding a deal on the prior year's model. Those skis have kind of ugly graphics, but in a kind of a "cool" sort of way (if that makes any sense).

This year, I'm considering replacing my Beta Rides with another pair of skis. I know there are a few people on the board who love their Dynastar Intuitiv 74 skis, but to me that's an ugly ski - ugly enough that I wouldn't even want to demo it since there are enough skis out there that have both performance and decent appearance.
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After seeing alot of next years skis I have determined that most of them are ugly.

The new Atomics and Dynastars are the worst I think.

They have pale colors and ugly mixes as light orange and brown.

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I think that HEAD, Blizzard, and Salomon have the best graphics of any ski company out there right now. I usually dont pay attention to graphics of a ski when i buy it (i ski on flat green race stock Elans most of the time - very ugly skis). I think that if a ski has really ugly graphics and it skis great then go for it. The graphics shouldnt influence a buying decision, unless of course in the case of the Scratch BC, where the graphics are not only offensive, but rather violent. In that kind of situation i can see where graphics would influence a buying decision.

One thing to note: Rossi has some great graphics coming out for their Viper line next year. The skis look great. They are a total rebuild of the current viper, and they look sharp. I heard that they ski just as nice too. One interesting thing was that there is no cap present on the ski. The vibration dampening system is also an interesting one. I suspect that they will be very smootha nd have amazing grip on ice compared to most consumer carving skis.
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The 2002-2003 V-Skis from Volkl were classics. The Explosiv from that year is a collector's item both from its wizard graphics and because it was the best skiing Explosiv Volkl ever made. The V-Pro graphics were great that year, also....I have a pair and continue to get comments about them.
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going along with rio... i am really impressed with the gotamas and explosiv's this year. there aren't many occassions when ski companies get k.i.s.s. designs right. if you got a look at next year's v series, it's pretty sweet. i'm all for the '04/'05 volkl karma's.
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As looks go, the Metrons look like they were influenced by bad Japanese cartoons (Anime).

IMO, extremely poorly painted propellors.

I'm still attracted to the Salomon Hot, even though I don't like to ski it. I guess the simpleton in me likes "Shiny and Bright" things.
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I dig the looks of this ski.

The K2 Kahuna.
Simple scheme, mostly understated, and hey, it's my color. "Busy" graphics aren't for me.



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I gota give a vote for just about any Stockli ski. The current DP is probably my favorite.
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Salomons look cool.

K2 has some crazies too, how bout the Seth Pistol?

Also, their new Apache line (replacing the Axis') looks pretty tight.
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The atomic race yellow and red with the checkers will always hold a dear place in my heart.
I own like 6 million pairs. Maybe even 7.31 million.
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the Heads are so simple, yet are really eyecatchers out on the hill. Rossi also makes some really nice looking skis as of late- the Bodes actually look pretty cool despite the fact that they are nothing more than RPM21s with different topsheets. Fischer makes by far the coolest race skis, though- those black RC4s were so cool looking, they made me drool when ever I walked into the local shop.
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Atomic gets my nod for the checkerboard graphics on the race skiis; also I like the asymmetric tips. Unlike many, I even like the SX=11 graphics, they look badass, just like they ski! I've always liked the tip shapes of Volkls through the years; I have at least 5 different examples in my quiver and basement, all classic designs. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I don't really care about graphics, usually, if the graphic is perceived as being ugly, the ski price drops...then I buy it.
I mean, I skied those Green/Yellow P9 for years, currently on a pair of Red/White P40F1...
At the same time, one time I entered my favourite ski shop and asked the owner for the
most demanding SL ski they had in the shop, and come out with a pair of K2 SL (it was 1990-19991), with their white graphic, which was absolutely cool IMHO, still I did not buy those for their graphics.
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I kinda like the green on my sx 11's. Mixes it up a little.
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I like the nice smooth appearence of stainless steel on my ol' Volant Power Karves. The lettering is also very retro-esque and the graphics sort of remind me of the little pinstripe jobs you see on those old fifties hot-rods. The newer Volants, like the Machete series don't look too bad either. Those iggy's are pretty cool looking as well, the woodgrain cap is clearly a throwback to skiing's early days.
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I'm going to put Rossi back into the mix, on the nothing ventured/nothing gained principle. Have you seen their backcountry/Exc
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I dunno, but I've seen the Rossi skis that are like pinkish/purple with the exotic looking flowers. They are pretty feminine. I prefer a more plain ski. I like my blue and silver salomon verse 7 skis. A nice pattern & color.
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I try not to look at the graphics on my skis. I didn't pick them out, but I don't like it. They're the Rossi cut 10.7, and they're ugly brown and blue.

I'm thinking of painting mine with the EpicSki logo. Would that be a copyright infringement, AC, or just good advertising? Perhaps you could sell a decal big enough to fit over existing ugly skis to make them Epicskis again.
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I'm going to catch hell for this but.......some of the Snowboards have nice graphics.
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'Perhaps you could sell a decal big enough to fit over existing ugly skis to make them Epicskis again'

Queen B's idea is excellent. Why should we advertise for the manufacturers?
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The graphics on my K2 Outlaws had some influence on my purchase.
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Fischer occasionally comes up with some great graphics. More often than not they range from ho hum to pretty bad. I buy them anyway.

Some companies (Salomon comes immediately to mind)put a lot of effort into graphics and advertising and it shows in their market share. A skis graphics are much more noticeable in the shop than on the hill but the shop is where the purchasing decisions are made.
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In my opinion, the nicest are Salomon, K2, Nordica, Line and 4FRNT.

The ugliest are Rossignol, Volkl and Fischer.
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Dynstar's race skis have the right mix of graphics and colour schemes without being tacky. There big mountain skis ar inspired by surfboard designs and have a classic look to them.
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i was going to post about the head monster 1m75 even before i read your opinion!!!!!
i have them, and love them. i think they are a very classy ski to look at and a joy to ski.
i have been raving about them since i got them!
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I wish Atomic's twin tips looked better.
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I have to say that K2's factory line is the most radical change in ski graphics. I really hate line graphics. They have one artist who does everything for them. They place the word LINE on the tip of the ski and they put a picture of the back, all in the same style. I thought the Skogen Sprangs (military style, like the side of a WWII bomber) were ok, and next year's pollards are very nice, but I think pollard did the art for those. Im not too into 4frnt either.

I personally dont like salomon graphics, I perfer the graphics that weren't generated by a computer and actually were someone's art. The old dynastar candides were pretty cool.

p.s. cattracksplat... you better get some of the kahunas soon if you want a pair, because next year they will be the Maiden AK, with iron maiden graphics on them.

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Mnay of the skis I currently use are ug-ug-ugly. I don't buy them for the looks.

I do however, collect antique skis for decorating the cabin. It's hard to beat the simplicity of 1950's Heads in Basic Black.I doubt many of my current quiver would make the cut to cabin art. Among those skis on the market now that would include the Volkl Gotama and this year's Explosiv. Of course I'm drooling over those anyway. The Stockli Laser and last year's DP; the 02 K2 Enemy and the older four; No Ka Oi's; Iggy's; Intuitive Big, She's Piste and Shuksan.

IMO most free-ride, randonee and tele skis are nicer, they seem to be understated and not in garish colours or patterns, while most park skis are cartoonish or bizarre, and most intermediate and/or carving skis are just ugly. Look at the Volkl 5 star compared to the Gotama.
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those new scratch bc's are really cool. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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i think the best graphic by far is the 03 Rossi moguls or the atomic sx
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