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The Turkey is ALMOST done!

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Fellow Winter Enthusiasts!

We had a day to hike up and spend some time on a mound of snow (its somehwat of a rarity on the East Coast) and play around with some ski training exercises. It was an epic day and we got a chance to move for quite a few hours -- IT WAS GREAT

We are just about to launch our next Ski Training Program -- Black Diamond. It will be the followup to our Sharpen Your Edges program which is being used all around the globe!

Black Diamond will have a different focus. Here are some gains to expect by using it (we can't reveal it all.....we like surprises ):
  • Power Endurance
  • Increased Lactate Threshold
  • The ability the ski or ride ALL day!
Sharpen Your Edgeswas a pre-season program that was designed to prepare you for the ski season as well as for IN-season training. The goal was to improve one's athleticism by increasing their movement vocabulary. Hence some exercises that many have never seen before or that might not look like they could improve ski slope performance.

Black Diamond is your IN-season answer to ski fitness. It will continue where Sharpen Your Edges left off and keep you ready to ski at anytime. Get ready to turn up the training intensity a notch or two!

Here is a quick peek at some fun that we had:
BTW, That is Tommi's glute that practically fell off!!


Thanks for checking in and we will Ski You Later,
Alex and Tommi
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Random FUN Pics!

Here are a few fun exercises that we were playing around with.

Forward crawl down slope:

SL Uphill/Downhill Jump to Hold:

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the turkey

must be done after 10 days. are you sure you didnt eat it? ps i hope the downhill snow crawl is not the desert
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You know you can't eat turkey if it's undercooked!

BTW, it is a pretty BIG turkey
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