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Which Thule box?

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So, I'm looking at Thule boxes since the new Impreza sedan doesn't have fold-down rear seats. The distance from the front of the roofline to the trunk when it's open is about 66" since there's a spoiler on the rear (was that way at the dealer and I took what I could get). So, I'm thinking that the Atlantis 1600 may be the best fit (74" long and can handle 5-6 pair of skis up to 180cm). The other models are all quite a bit (8" to 17") longer, so I'd have that massive overhang above the windshield which I am trying to avoid.

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No thoughts or opinions? Any experience with the various Thule boxes you'd like to share?
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I think its too short. I have an impreza wagon and got the atlantis 1200, it hangs over the hatch a little bit and doesn't let it open all the way, but it's not that big of a deal. Don't you have any skis or friends with skis that are over 180? As far as the box goes, it's been great, easy to put on and off, secure, dry, and hasn't really affected my mileage.
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Thanks, Z-cubed. The guys I normally ski with all have skis shorter than 180, as do the family, hence my conundrum. Thanks for the input, tho. I'm just really concerned that the extra length is going to be too much for the sedan...
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I'm pretty sure I've seen them on sedans and I don't remember thinking it looked bad or anything. I guess it just comes down to how much overhang you can live with. It's so easy to take on and off that I only put it on for camping in the summer. My skis are basically living in it now.
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Got it. Thanks for your help. The 1200 is less money, anyway!
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