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Kicking Horse/ Whistler/Baker

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I need some FAST feedback.
I am looking to buy air tonight for Dec. 26 - 31.
I want to try KH, but don't have much in the way of reviews to go on.
Oregon has been getting pounded it seems.
Where should I go for the steep and deep?
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Whistler right now sounds like the best although KH has gotten a ton of snow as well. Whistler is bigger and has more options but is crowded, KH is not crowded except sometimes on weekends since the gondola is a bottle neck. Note with KH most of the good terrain is accessed by a base to peak gondola (4100 vert I think) so you have a long runout on each run. There is one quad in the alpine but it's not very good to do laps on.

Personally right now I'd choose KH because Whistler will be silly busy that week and I hate the long lineups.
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I went to KH last winter as a day trip when skiing Banff. I liked it so much I got a room and stayed and skied the next day too. Big mountain with not very many people skiing it. Runout isn't much of an issue unless the snow is thin at the bottom - and their current report shows more base than when I was there. A lot like Jackson - steep canyons on top with faces below (esp. far skiers right on bottom).

So KH would be my vote - I'm going back end of January
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Thanks for the votes on KH, anyone got thoughts on Baker?
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Originally Posted by pjw3 View Post
Thanks for the votes on KH, anyone got thoughts on Baker?
Go to KH. Baker is not a destination area. It's too small for an extended stay. You'll have to drive a lot because there is no on-hill accomodation or services outside the day lodges. It has a low elevation and it might rain.

Don't go to Whistler, the crowds are awful between Christmas and New Year's Day. I was there yesterday, however, and they were the smallest I've ever seen and the snow was wonderful. We had a great time.
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KH is a very nice ski hill, that right now is in great shape, that is in a truck stop town..

not much for inter terrain or groomed.
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Ive never been to baker or whislter, but i can say that KH definitely has lots of crazy steep terrain. the only thing that is sort of annoying is the long traverses to get to some of the chutes and bowls require you to dodge snowboarders on a 1 foot wide ridge. the days i was there didnt have any fresh powder but even so i had a blast and want to go back, if there was powder it would pretty much be incredible.
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