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Hi everybody,
Sorry I couldn't get yesterdays notes up. The ISP I use was affected by that virus which was going around. But allow me to catch you up!

Monday was a bit dreary, overcast and fog, with a wet snow falling most of the day. It didn't seem to dampen the spirits of those who had travelled far to be here with us. The energy was tremendous!

After dividing the attendees into groups, we went our separate ways on the hill. Our focus today was how to balance effectively on the ski, so as to open more deliberate possibilities as we developed the turns. In spite of the weather, progress was being made all through the day.

It was a wet bunch who gathered that afternoon at the Silver Fork, to hear Bob B discuss the formulation of the "Epic Turn". As it was a Q+A format, there were alot of questions.
Then after a few housekeeping matters, everyone went back to the hotel(or where ever) to get dried out.

But all anyone could think about was "How much new snow will there be tomorrow?". I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

So- until tomorrows edition, Good night!