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Plastic heel inserts

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Where I can get some plastic heel inserts that go around the liner to
tighten up the heel? Is this something that I can install by myself?

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Nordica's website was selling them for $3 last year.. I taped them in place with some duct tape and they worked fine.
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Thank you, but it looks like they don't ship to Canada.
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Tognar has some of the boot fitting stuff. I do not remember the plastic heal pieces that you are asking about but they did have other heal options to reduce the heal pocket if there was too much movement.
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daleboot makes a heel halter..check there web site
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Any good ski shop should have them. Simply duct tape in place on the outside of the liner to snug up the heel.
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You could also try the Dale Boot heal nest. It slips on over the liner. It uses neoprene (sp) as the filler.

I have them in my boot and they work great for me. It comes with an add on heal nest that is plastic. It wraps the heal from behind. You can see it on the Dale Boot web site. They cost about $50. with shipping.
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Originally Posted by skidbump View Post
daleboot makes a heel halter..check there web site
How'd I miss that? Sorry skid.
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Went to a local ski shop to initially buy the MasterFit Eliminator Tongue...


then one of the more experienced fitters, she said there is a "new" thing that she has...  a plastic with adhesive that's moldable... to wrap around the liner to tighten up the ankle in the liner....


I don't see anything on Daleboot.


Tognar has  http://www.tognar.com/boot-fitting-foam-ankle-wrap-pads/

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